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Published March 20, 2012 by Sara

Over the next few days I plan to edit my listings and add better tags to my items. I realized last night that there are items that have no tags at all. Which those are incredibly useful in selling items on Etsy. Also my listings need to be revised in a BIG way since I can no longer offer Priority Mail in a seperate listing.

And since sales have been slow moving, might as well use the time now to get all of this updated and revised, being as come late July early August is when my sales start to pick up.


Aww Snap!

Published February 14, 2012 by Sara

Since I posted my new items on my business blog individually with links to my stores. It created 17 notes, which some reblogged, some liked and a few started to follow my blog and it generated 3 sales that I know of. Which with this new found find, I will finish the last 4-6 items I wanted to add to my inventory and I will get cracking on blogging about existing creations. I plan to do a few test posts and see if adding them to a later time changes anything. Which I plan to implement this on other business blogs I have set up. Goodness, this alone could generate some more sales, I do pretty ok right now, but this could get me on track to take more time off. I also have been thinking instead of going to Minnesota, we go to a waterpark in the Dells or maybe locally, depending if we find any deals. Otherwise they are pretty expensive and even with having our tax return, I still wouldn’t be able to justify spending that much money, but sometimes, it comes down to the memories it will create and not how much was spent.

This is what I hate about working from home. Always worrying that sales could stop. I am not guaranteed income by working. I work and pay for materials up front and pray that I get some sales out of it.

Gotta Love Clearance!

Published December 31, 2011 by Sara

This year I don’t have a lot of money to take full advantage of Christmas clearance, but I did manage to get the younger kids taken care of for St. Nick next year. Plus really, what else could I possibly buy anyway? I barely have time to get my Christmas decorations outside, let alone inside decorations, and I don’t need anymore Christmas cards, being as the past 3 years I have not sent any. BUT I will be! I even bought the stamps, so cards WILL be making their way out…LOL Doesn’t help we didn’t get to see Santa till 2 days before Christmas as well, being this year has been a VERY busy year, especially when you add that my van was feeling a little neglected and decided to have some issues with needing some money too. *sigh* And then my kids were sick, my friend’s kid was sick and the time we had set aside to see Santa, he closed his line at 5pm and we got their literally minutes after they closed it. 

BUT we still had fun! We did our usual shopping of the stores, I got myself some Winter Candy Apple hand soap from BBB. I LOVE that stuff! I hope I have enough to last me a few months. I even bought a Wallflower….

And then the usual trip to Candy Cane Lane, which this year, it looks like a lot of people are really going all out to decorate. Another sign that the economy is rebounding slighty. 🙂

But stay tuned for the post about the “actual” trip to see Santa, that one will be hilarious considering the run around I was on…..

Busy Busy Business

Published November 29, 2011 by Sara

Wow, I was worried sales were not going to be so awesome considering how the sales were on Thanks giving. But now thinking a,about it in hindsight, people were too busy gearing up for midnight sales. So basically there was no down time to putz online.

But after? WOW! The sales kicked my butt in a big way and now I am trying to stay ahead. But I am feeling since Cyber Monday has come and gone, sales may return to normal.

But great news, my husband purchased me a Toshiba Thrive tablet and this is an awesome investment! My email is right at my fingertips. I get instant notifications when an email comes in and was able to configure it for my 3 email accounts, which this makes the tablet a dream. If anyone is in the market from one, I definitely recommend the Toshiba Thrive! It really puts the I pad to shame. There is a SD card slot, USB ports, HDMI port…whereas the Motorola Zoom and I pad does not have this. Also, you, yes YOU can change out your own battery. iPad and Zoom do not have that.

I have the 8gb, which is fine for me. I have an external I can use, by am seriously considering seeing if I can add my tablet to my network, being as when I create listings, I can access those folders from anything, even more so my tablet.

I do hope to get some new listings up, but these may not happen due to the overwhelming orders.

Day 16 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 18, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for clearance sales. I find a lot of interesting finds and mainly get those little fillers for Easter and St Nick. I have been done for St. Nick since August. I have a feeling I have more than enough, but whatever seems too much, can be held off for Easter baskets. 

Right after each holiday, I will be the one hitting up sales and stocking up for next year, for birthdays, class treats as well. 

I just wish Walmart would keep their clearance in one section so I know where it is, it seems to move and now their clearance doesn’t seem to be moving down as much as it used too. 😦

Coupons, coupons, coupons!

Published September 21, 2011 by Sara

Well, I may take a break from this couponing for a bit, being as this is becoming way to exhausting to keep up with. But the deals I have been finding are awesome! 

I also have been trying to remind myself, just because I have a coupon, doesn’t ALWAYS mean I need to buy it. Wait, if I have time, to get it on sale WITH the coupon. 

I have purchased a binder, that has a shoulder strap, which is AWESOME for carrying my coupons. Which I plan to have with me at ALL times. I have been working on the binder for 2 days straight now, but at least I am getting it organized with my coupons and will make this so much easier down the line. 

While out shopping, I ran into other women who extreme coupon as well. One whose binder was so organized and neat, made me wish mine was like that already! LOL But I did order the currency holders to hold my larger coupons, which should be here in a few days. I also purchased more baseball card holders and that helped immensely!

I also need to realize, I do not NEED to stock up on items like they do on Extreme Couponing. Being as that is just insane. 

But some of the deals I got :

FREE Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste

$1.00 2 Optic White Colgate Toothpaste

$1.00 Operation Toy Story 3 (I price matched a Big Lots ad @ Target for $5. and had coupons for $4 off. I purchased 3, and hope to buy more to donate to Toys For Tots.)

FREE Blistex Cold and Allergy Chapstick

$1.00 laydown bag of Skittles (purchased 6 bags)

$1.06 Fruitables (used $1.00 off, which double @ Pick N Save and it was on sale) purchased 3

I know there are other deals I got, which I may list later, but I am so exhausted being as I ran all over the countryside. Which was more for the stupid Operation Game. I knew which Target had it in stock, but had checked other stores while I was out running errands and I should have not even bothered. 

Time for me to put my groceries away……