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Back To Basics

Published October 8, 2012 by Sara

Now that I have caught up every snibble of laundry and have organized the clothes from summer to winter. I have envoked the kids doing laundry again. Julia is not thrilled, but like I told her with dishes, if it gets done every day, then it’s a breeze! (And she rocks at doing her turn for dishes.)

What I would give for these kids to have the washer and dryer I had growing up. Apartment size, you could wash one maybe 2 outfits at a time and not knowing when the washer and dryer were done and having to run downstairs to check.

They have it MADE! The washer is done in the time it takes to dry clothes, plus I have  a monitor upstairs that tells you EXACTLY how much time is left and it will beep when each unit is finished. (Don’t you just love technology)

But it makes me wish to have them step back in time and just see how REALLY awful it can be.



Published January 30, 2012 by Sara

This is a chore that ALWAYS eludes me. I have not been able to keep up with at ALL. Originally, I and told the kids they would start doing their own laundry. But that has never happened being as i have never fully caught up on laundry.

Well, tonight I had an epithany. Who says they can’t just wash one load of laundry a day? I know in reality, when laundry gets caught up, there will not be enough to wash for one day. But when that happens, we will then move to Monday, Weds and Friday.

And it looks like we need to revisit garbage duty. To which will be moved to a shared chore. Right now it’s only Gwen, and sometimes Emily. But time to do rotation.

I have a good feeling abut the laundry chore, being as that is the huge battle right there.