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Once Upon a Time Pendants and Charms

Published August 27, 2012 by Sara

Magic Is Coming!! Are you excited for the new season premiere on Sept 30th? I know I am!!

I have these new charms available in my Etsy store at the moment, which will trickle to my other stores once I have some time to list them there.

The charms below are being sold individually and eventually will be made into a bracelet. I am just awaiting my charms to come in the mail. 

Rumplestilskin’s Love Potion! I am still trying to perfect this. But below are some of the color combinations I have come up with. The photo below, the light purple/pinkish charm in the middle, does glow in the dark. I just was unable to catch the effect.

This is my new charm for the Love Potion, again another trial and still not quite what I was hoping for. But when it glows it looks pretty close to the original! And the glowing power on this one is phenomenal!!

All above items are being sold on Etsy right now, and you can find my store here :

http://www.etsy.com/shop/JegasCreations (this has my old business name)