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Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Earrings

Published November 21, 2012 by Sara

You can find all my items on eBay and Etsy : (linked to my eBay account) (this has my old business name)

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New Items

Published January 14, 2012 by Sara

Tomorrow I hope to be some newer items listed. A HUGE selection of Charlie Brown earrings, but only a select amount of characters and will once they are gone. I will never have them again. 🙂

Then I will be listing Harry Potter book cover cuff links, Green Bay Packer cuff links and will be updating my line of cheese wedge earrings and cufflinks.

I will also be adding another Harry Potter scrabble bracelet, that will spell Muggles.

And maybe if I have time this weekend, finally be the leg lamp earrings started, along with the other idea for Charlie Brown earrings and cuff links.

I just wish there was more time in the dayto get all this done……

Open For Business

Published December 30, 2011 by Sara

I have been dragging my feet, but finally reopened all my stores tonight. Really hoping to float in some sales while my kids are on winter break and to support my clearance shopping habit. I don’t go too crazy, just get things for next year’s stockings and some odds and ends.

I am excited to announce that I have finally figured out how to make the Leg Lamp 3-D earrings. I have been trying to figure this out for 2 years now but never gave it much thought. So in the next few days I hope to come up with a finished design.

I have been scribbling down notes, not sure which approach may work. But to get it all on paper while the rusty gears are turning……lol

I also have an idea for Charlie Brown earrings as well, but that is all I am saying on that one.

And here’s hoping I will finally get my light switch plates listed….that has been an empty threat for some time now. Lol and also, get a lot of items I don’t want to carry anymore, clearanced out to give myself some room. I may even clearance out some of my beads that I don’t use.

So keep checking back!