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In Memory

Published October 2, 2012 by Sara

For some time now I have wanted to get a tattoo in memory of my Mom, but just couldn’t think of what I would get that would be a tribute to her and what I wouldn’t mind having. Harry Potter was out of the question being as I didn’t want to get what probably many people already have.

About a year ago, I picked up a book that my Mom got me to read when I was a teenager. The author was just so real, funny and down to earth. When I had taken the cover off to inspect it to make a kindle cover, I noticed this symbol, sort of calligraphy letters on the spine. Instantly, I knew this would be my tattoo. Robert Fulghum’s ” All I Really Need To Know Is What I Learned In Kindergarten”

But I only needed to find out what those symbols meant before making such a commitment.

Two weeks ago, I finally sat down and sent an email to his wife. (She has her own website with direct email.) She forwarded the message to her husband and he replied to me directly! He even said he would be complimented if I got his initials as my tattoo. I have been on Cloud Nine since! And I was right, it was his initials in calligraphy. We had an ongoing bet in my house what it was exactly. I guessed calligraphy, my oldest guessed Japanese/Chinese symbols, the younger ones said a pig. LOL Turns out he was studying brush painting in Japan and he needed to sign his painting using non-english. So I am allowing my oldest, being as she was close. ­čśë

My best bud Liz and I finally made the trek out to Serenity Ink to get our long awaited tats. And its done. I do need to go back in for some touch ups. Then I will post a pic. ­čÖé But I got it on my left hand by my thumb. I chose this hand, since my Mom and I had shared a beauty mark/mole on the same hand.

Liz got snowflakes instead of her paw print tat. (which I am thinking of getting a variation of what she got) nd we go back in 2-3 weeks for another tat. This time I am going to get Jegas on my wrist. But I definitely want to get something Beauty and The Beast. I am not sure if I will get the sleeve I posted earlier, but I did see an outline of Belle and Beast or the rose in the jar.

Then Gwen gave me an idea since she knew I was eyeing up a MLP tat. To get it dressed as Superman. The more I think about that, it may just work, but that one will be last, being as I want to be sure it is something I want, but I love it. Its so unique and no one else will have it.


Drama Always Finds Me

Published April 15, 2012 by Sara

I am not kidding. My family and I like out lives to be drama free and still that crap finds me in the middle of nowhere when I am minding my own business.

Basically, someone I am friends with on Facebook, his wife is stalking me and even called to leave a message on my home phone. Which freaked my ass out. So I have changed my name on Facebook until we can get our number listed as unpublished or I may just leave my name changed, being as you never know when some stupid website has your information published.  

I also will be fine tuning my friends list as well, time to shave off the excess.

My oldest and I was talking about this and she says this is exactly why she prefers to be friends with guys. She’s absolutely right. Growing up, I was friends with more guys than girls, I have some friends that were girls, but could not stand the┬ácompetitiveness and at most the drama that comes with being friends with females. And that’s not to say all the girls I was/is friend’s with are like that, but a majority. Playing the she said/she said crap or trash talking someone to find out what someone else is going to say, so they can report back to said friend what the other one said. Just plain bullshit.┬á

I have been friends with Sean since we were babies. I have been friends with Kevin, Brad and Mike, since I was like 12-14 and those 3 guys were my best friends and I still consider them to this day. And when Kevin met Liz, she blew me away, she is real, down to earth and is not a drama seeker. To me, in friendship, she is my soulmate. So I get the best of both worlds with her, someone to be girly girl with and someone who will be outright real with me. 

And the mutual understanding we have, is we both know we will talk about each other. BUT not in a bad sense, just basically talking about our conversation, things we thought about the other one said. But NEVER malicious, like some women can be and WILL be. Face it, we are women, we are bound to talk about one another behind the other’s back, but it’s WHAT you say AND how you say it that makes the difference.┬á

And I know we both don’t sit there knocking the other one for their parenting skills, we know we both are learning as we go, we will share information of what worked, what didn’t. We simply do not judge. We offer advice and never do either of us take it as how we think the other should be raising their child, we both understand we both are quick to offer advice of what we heard, read about, tried and if the other wants to try it, perfect, in the end, it’s what we are comfortable with and what we can follow through on.

But I absolutely hate drama, if I didn’t. I wouldn’t have blocked some people on my Facebook either. Which even that shit still trickles into my life and is currently going on as we speak, but really, whatever floats their boat…..

Day 24 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 26, 2011 by Sara

I am skipping a few days here, but will add them at the end. (33 days)

I am thankful for my really good friends Kevin and Liz. They are almost like family to me. I have known Kevin since I was like 14 and we have remained friends since. If you had asked me back then if I thought after all this time we would been friends this long and be even closer today than we were years ago. I would have said No. I honestly thought Kevin was a little annoying. Now? I don’t feel the same way.

But I honestly thought Staci and Jenny, we would have been life long friends, by things happen and you drift apart. I still talk to Jenny from the time to time, but her life I feel has taken her down a road I think will prevent us from being as close as we once were. Staci, I don’t know what happened. I mourned our friendship for the longest time when each of moved up north, but it’s the sad part of life. People move and people drift apart.

When I met Liz she was the first girlfriend of Kevin’s that I loved to bits. She was funny, smart and has an animated way of talking. She is truly unique. I am so glad he met her or vice versa. I can not imagine a better couple. They compliment each other so well. But that’s not saying their realtionship is perfect. They have their issues like anyone else.

And today we will be going to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. Which I am just relieved there will be minimal cooking on my part. My life has been chaotic with all these orders. Yikes! And then we will go through the paper to figure out the deals, which this year there really wasn’t a whole lot of items we were absolutely GaGa over. AND we finally exchanged gifts from last Christmas! Which now I wish maybe we held back some it give from the year. We overwhelmed them and I feel they think we feel shortchanged being as they didn’t give us as much. I don’t like making people feel like that by they are s damn easy to shop from and I have a hard time not getting something for them.