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Published January 24, 2012 by Sara

My Aunt Lavinia passed away Jan 15th and her funeral was today. I didn’t take my younger children, being as thinking about it, the last funeral Julia attended was my Mom’s and I worried taking her to my Aunt Vinnie’s she would regress and bring back all those fears we battled just a few years ago. Also, she never really knew Aunt Vinnie as well as Emily.

So it was just Gwen and myself. We made it right before the service was about to start. We looked at her photos, which were lovely. I was a little surpsied at the small amount there was and that a lot of them were sitting loosely on a table.

The one I loved the best was of a close of he and her son. That one actually brought tears to my eyes and the finality of it all. And looking around there were no children present, so I was doubly glad that mine stayed home.

It was open casket, but I didn’t walk up to it. Being as I have learned that it’s not good. For one it creeps me out and two they never look like how you remember them. I don’t want that to be the last way I see them. I did that for my boss and after his, I vowed to never go up to an open casket again. (I have been to open caskets before my boss, but that was the only one that really bothered me.)

Well, my Uncle Stu and I have been playing phone tag. Well, I never got to speak to him officially before the service. It has been sheer madness on my end. Trying to get orders ready,Emily had a friend stay the night over the weekend. I just wish Art would take over the phone sometimes.

So when we arrived. I snooped through the guest book and didn’t see his signature. But I did see a man who kinda looked like him sitting down from behind, but when he turned to the side, he was clean shaven and did not look like my Uncle. So Gwen and I sat down and i figured if this is my Uncle Stu, he’d have the same orthopedic shoes. Nope.

I asked Gwen if she would mind leaving, being as I only wanted to stay if my Uncle was there. So when we got home, I called him and come to find out, that old man I was checking out from head to toe, WAS my Uncle. I have never seen him clean shaven! Plus next time I talk to him, I need to ask when in the world dd he change shoes?

I nagged the poor man when he stayed when my Mom passed away. He fell like 3 times when he stayed here. And he refused, being as he is stubborn. But I wanted him to have shoes that are more suitable for snow/ice. AND when we visited him last year in Minnesota, he still HAD the same shoes!

So this man was just full of surprises. I just hope to get some time to spend with him tomorrow before he leaves for Minnesota.

The kids are anxious to go to Minnesota over spring break. But I think maybe we will wait till summer. Being as it will be warmer and we won’t have to pack as much. They are asking to stay at the same hotel, which I don’t think we will be able too. Being as its too far from where Uncle Stu lives. But that hotel was REALLY nice.

I think we might even rent a car instead. Depending on the cost of course.