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Published January 31, 2012 by Sara

My friends just recently applied for a type of home mod loan, only this one charges you 31% of your household income for your house payment and unemployment is not counted towards the gross income. (Say what?!?) And they were approved. Heck, it only took them about not even a month to get accepted. 

I am hoping to pick their brain sometime soon, being as I would definitely think this is something Art and I should try for. Worse that can happen is they say No right? 

I am shocked they even got accepted for heat assistance. I didn’t apply last year being as I figured we were over the income threshold and if they got accepted, then we should too! BUT I have to wait for our taxes to be filed before I apply, being as that is what they need. Current year tax record. 😦 BUT if we get accepted for heat assistance again, we have a good chance of having improvements done on our house to save energy. Which I will be all over that for SURE!

But this would be doubly awesome if we could get accepted for both on top of the refinance as well. 

I do feel bad for them. They lost their tenant and rather suddenly as well and they left the unit in extremely poor shape. *sigh* So not only are my friends broke, they have no money to fix the other side, and even less money since they can’t rent it out. I want to try and help them out, but my finances are tight as well. Wouldn’t be so bad if my van didn’t need the work it did, but when our taxes arrive, even part of it will be held for closing on the refi and our trip to Seattle. 


I thought I would do a little research and they are doing a home modification loan. I thought this was a different type of modification. And also it looks that if we refinance, we won’t be able to do the modification. And I really think it would be best we try to for the mod loan and see out options for that first. THEN go for refinancing……