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Day 25 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 26, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for Black Friday. I was nervous this year with the stores opening at midnight, it would be chaotic. I didn’t leave till 1am but when I arrived at Walmart. It was busy but not as bad as I had expected. I was waiting in line about 5 minutes….I never get in and out that quick at Walmart of all places. But I found out later that they opened at 10pm, which explains why some of the items I was looking for were gone. But I only had intended to g to Walmart and head home. Well I stopped at Target and then the Walmart in Franklin. I made it home about 4am being as I was tired and needed to get some sleep. Well I over slept and finally rolled out again at 9am.

Next year I will be a lot more organized being as this was just insane. I did get some deals, I have been wanting Dance Central 2 and Just Dance 3 both for the Xbox. Well DC2 was $15 at Best buy I got that price matched and JD3 for $25 from Target. Both games just came out this past Oct /Nov.

Got Julia a new piggy bank since she broke hers literally minutes after she got it on Christmas.

I also got some crazy deals at Joanne. Spent $170 and save close to $400. Most of it was stuff for my business. I plan on making Pajama bottoms for my girls and whatever material is left, will make pillows for them. Funny I started out with picking just one fabric, but then saw other styles I knew they would like, so I ended up buying enough to make them 3 pairs if PJ pants. This does not count the material I already have from last year. Which come Monday, I will start getting my area set no to crank these out. I also plan to take their measurements so I make them the right size. And really how could I could not get these? The material was $1.49/yard plus an addtional 25% off. And what’s once is the Pajama bottoms are so easy to make, I figure it will take me about a half hour for one pair. And my kids will be getting slippers…. a lot of stuff made by me. I love making them stuff. 🙂


Day 24 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 26, 2011 by Sara

I am skipping a few days here, but will add them at the end. (33 days)

I am thankful for my really good friends Kevin and Liz. They are almost like family to me. I have known Kevin since I was like 14 and we have remained friends since. If you had asked me back then if I thought after all this time we would been friends this long and be even closer today than we were years ago. I would have said No. I honestly thought Kevin was a little annoying. Now? I don’t feel the same way.

But I honestly thought Staci and Jenny, we would have been life long friends, by things happen and you drift apart. I still talk to Jenny from the time to time, but her life I feel has taken her down a road I think will prevent us from being as close as we once were. Staci, I don’t know what happened. I mourned our friendship for the longest time when each of moved up north, but it’s the sad part of life. People move and people drift apart.

When I met Liz she was the first girlfriend of Kevin’s that I loved to bits. She was funny, smart and has an animated way of talking. She is truly unique. I am so glad he met her or vice versa. I can not imagine a better couple. They compliment each other so well. But that’s not saying their realtionship is perfect. They have their issues like anyone else.

And today we will be going to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. Which I am just relieved there will be minimal cooking on my part. My life has been chaotic with all these orders. Yikes! And then we will go through the paper to figure out the deals, which this year there really wasn’t a whole lot of items we were absolutely GaGa over. AND we finally exchanged gifts from last Christmas! Which now I wish maybe we held back some it give from the year. We overwhelmed them and I feel they think we feel shortchanged being as they didn’t give us as much. I don’t like making people feel like that by they are s damn easy to shop from and I have a hard time not getting something for them.

Day 21 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 25, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for PayPal. While sometimes the may make me angry and want to rip their eyeballs out. I had a few unauthorized transactions come through, which I reported right away that they were not anything I had purchased. But one of the cases the seller refunded me my money back. But the other be hangs in limbo. By honestly, I am thankful to have this protection and ensure I will be my money back.

Day 19 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 25, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for my life being full and being on the constant move. I know there as days I can be so tired that I could fall asleep where I am standing, er or should I say sitting?

There are people who are lonely, people which don’t have children nor family. And while all of which I have. It does get easy to take all this from granted, hell, we’re only human right? But its moments like these that make us reflect and realize, while we are busy complaining about our lives, there is someone out there wishing they have what I have. (and this is NOT meant in a material sense either.)

Day 16 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 18, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for clearance sales. I find a lot of interesting finds and mainly get those little fillers for Easter and St Nick. I have been done for St. Nick since August. I have a feeling I have more than enough, but whatever seems too much, can be held off for Easter baskets. 

Right after each holiday, I will be the one hitting up sales and stocking up for next year, for birthdays, class treats as well. 

I just wish Walmart would keep their clearance in one section so I know where it is, it seems to move and now their clearance doesn’t seem to be moving down as much as it used too. 😦