Glade Expressions

Published October 23, 2012 by Sara

I received some coupons in the mail from BzzAgent to try out Glade’s new product line called Expressions.

I ran out to my local Target and picked them up. I was checking out the different scents they had to offer and I really love fresh clean scents. I was a little dissapointed to find that the diffuser was limited in what scents they offered. The one I did pick up was Fuji Apple with Cardamom Cinnamon.

I just feel apple scents are overdone and are too popular. I prefer to pick something that is a scent not too common and one that I will enjoy as well.

I feel in love with Cotton with Italian Mandarin and grabbed the fragrance mist in that scent.

Got home and set up my diffuser and WOW! When I would walk in the front door, you could smell it and this little gadget was 2 rooms away. I did enjoy the smell, even though I feel apple scents are overdone. And will pick up another one.

I really like the design for their diffuser as well and I LOVE that I don’t have to try and find an outlet to plug this into. And purchasing one goes a LONG way. So no need to me to pick them up for other rooms in the house, which is a HUGE plus in my book and my pocketbook for that matter!

The fragrance mist I have set up in the bathroom and it is amazing! I spray it once and the scent lasts a LONG time! Much longer than other mists I have used in the past. I love knowing in a quick pinch, if company is coming over. We can spray this in their and it will last the whole time they are here.

I used to purchase Glade products in the past, but had converted over to Bath and Bodyworks since they have a wider variety of fragrances. But with this new line from Glade, I do see that I will be using this. Even more so when they expand out their diffuser line.


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