Friggin’ Furnace

Published October 6, 2012 by Sara

Really furnace, I love you. You make my house warm on cold days and allow us to not have to wear layers. But every year, without fail, I always forget to do the one thing that makes you work.

It was quite chilly yesterday. My husband asked me to turn on the furnace. Ok, simple task and I agreed, it was rather cold in the house and we could use some heat.

Run downstairs, turn on the gas, light the pilot, run back upstairs to turn the thermostat on. Here my lovely husband ALREADY turned it on. Which is a no no, since I am LIGHTING the furnace. Explain to him, the thermostat stays OFF while I am down there.

Start the WHOLE procedure over AGAIN. Still nothing. 

So I start researching and seeing what it could be. Oh maybe the pilot light is clogged. So I run to Wally World to get an aspirator and new filter. Come home, clean it, still nothing.

I post on Facebook my dilemna.

My friend Bill responds and tells me to shut the circuit breaker off, turn it back on. Jump the Rh to W, check fuses, etc etc. Suffice to say, still nothing. Now mind you, it’s going on 3am in the morning and I am just cold. (Doesn’t help I was in my studio all day and my stubborn butt refused to turn the heat on being as I figured I could tough through it)

Well, Bill says it may be the blower motor. (NOOOOO!! I am seeing the money just fly out of my savings.) And that he will get me his friends number who works in HVAC for MPS, but he couldn’t find it, but would get it to me on Monday. Ok, no biggie, we can tough through this. It’s not insanely cold. We’ll just wear layers right? So I throw on some sweats and burrow down under some blankets. 

Wake up this morning and I feel like I have been hit by a Mac Truck. *sigh* Was telling my husband all the things I tried last night that my friend Bill suggested. 

My husband stops and looks at me, “Did you flip the power switch?”

I jump up and run downstairs, flip the switch and VAVOOF! The burners kick on. 

So what have I learned this cold season? The same thing I do EVERY god forsaken cold season, turn the switch on. But every season, I forget, as well as my husband. SO, I have been sitting here thinking of what I can do to remind myself of that single switch that holds the power to it all.

I will write some instructions for myself and put it inside the furnace. This way next year, I know ALL the steps and will not forget that little switch…


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