In Memory

Published October 2, 2012 by Sara

For some time now I have wanted to get a tattoo in memory of my Mom, but just couldn’t think of what I would get that would be a tribute to her and what I wouldn’t mind having. Harry Potter was out of the question being as I didn’t want to get what probably many people already have.

About a year ago, I picked up a book that my Mom got me to read when I was a teenager. The author was just so real, funny and down to earth. When I had taken the cover off to inspect it to make a kindle cover, I noticed this symbol, sort of calligraphy letters on the spine. Instantly, I knew this would be my tattoo. Robert Fulghum’s ” All I Really Need To Know Is What I Learned In Kindergarten”

But I only needed to find out what those symbols meant before making such a commitment.

Two weeks ago, I finally sat down and sent an email to his wife. (She has her own website with direct email.) She forwarded the message to her husband and he replied to me directly! He even said he would be complimented if I got his initials as my tattoo. I have been on Cloud Nine since! And I was right, it was his initials in calligraphy. We had an ongoing bet in my house what it was exactly. I guessed calligraphy, my oldest guessed Japanese/Chinese symbols, the younger ones said a pig. LOL Turns out he was studying brush painting in Japan and he needed to sign his painting using non-english. So I am allowing my oldest, being as she was close. 😉

My best bud Liz and I finally made the trek out to Serenity Ink to get our long awaited tats. And its done. I do need to go back in for some touch ups. Then I will post a pic. 🙂 But I got it on my left hand by my thumb. I chose this hand, since my Mom and I had shared a beauty mark/mole on the same hand.

Liz got snowflakes instead of her paw print tat. (which I am thinking of getting a variation of what she got) nd we go back in 2-3 weeks for another tat. This time I am going to get Jegas on my wrist. But I definitely want to get something Beauty and The Beast. I am not sure if I will get the sleeve I posted earlier, but I did see an outline of Belle and Beast or the rose in the jar.

Then Gwen gave me an idea since she knew I was eyeing up a MLP tat. To get it dressed as Superman. The more I think about that, it may just work, but that one will be last, being as I want to be sure it is something I want, but I love it. Its so unique and no one else will have it.


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