Dead Crow

Published September 7, 2012 by Sara

The kids found a dead crow on our sidewalk last night and at first, I didn’t think anything of it till I was talking to my neighbor. He mentioned that it could be from West Nile Virus. *say what?*

So I started pounding out numbers to call, one of which said it was the DEad Bird Hotline, but got voicemail. 

Well, so we doubled bagged him and hung him up on my porch, being as I didn’t want any neighborhood dogs to start playing with him and catch something horrific since crows carry other diseases as well.

While I was talking to my neighbor, we both heard wings flapping in a tree and instantly I run up his stairs, being as I don’t want a bird to fall dead on my head…lol It was actually quite funny to say the least. But nothing fell out of the tree and we didn’t hear anymore flapping either.

But today I was successful in contacting someone at the Agriculture department and they said they are no longer testing birds, but they are documenting where these birds are found. And that I may dispose of the bird in my garbage or bury it.

They also strongly urged that we wear repellent, being as even though there are still few mosquitoes left, they are still carrying the West Nile Virus. I told the kids they need to wear repellent anytime they are outside, being as if I can avoid them from getting sick, I would be happy, from what I understand, this is nasty once you catch it.

My oldest was worried she could die if she catches it, and I explained to her only people with compromised immune systems could die from it. And her risk of dying from this is no greater than from the common flu, which I am sure kills more people than West Nile.

Plus the whole reason for prevention is to make sure someone who does catch it,  doesn’t have another flu bug coasting around in their body, which can mutate the West Nile strain to make it become airborne and quite possibly deadly. 

Which the Bird Flu strain just mutated, which means it’s one step closer to mutating to something horrific.

Some people may think I am being a worry wart, but as I always say, it never hurts to err on the side of caution. 

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