Mismash Update

Published September 1, 2012 by Sara

I have finally found a supplier after searching on and off for 2-3 years now, it may have been longer….but who’s counting?

I am super excited I will be making Resident Evil T-Virus vials! There are several other ideas as well, revamping my Harry Potter line, as well as my Alice In Wonderland. 

Those won’t change much, basically just new photos, but the glass bottles will have changed.

As soon as my dotting tools come in, I will be revisting my Green Bay Packer Jewelry as well and will be adding new items to my Once Upon a Time Collection as well!!

I just can not tell you how excited I am to find this company. For one, I lost one of my suppliers about 2 years ago and I have been making do with what I can find when it comes to the glass bottles. And the ones I have found, I know I was paying crazy money when I knew if I could only find a supplier, it would make my life much easier.

I am just having a hard time not placing a very large order. Being as I always, ALWAYS start out small to see how well they work, how fast their turn around time is and if it’s all good, then place a slightly larger order, and the cycle continues. 😉

I attribute being able to be successful in finding this, with the ability to be upstairs away from my husband and kids. As well as having my very own computer, that is super speedy in getting my search results and being able to have multiple windows open. I had a net book I was using and that was a nightmare. I am super glad I took the plunge this year for a new computer!

I am almost caught up with my special orders as well. I just have two that are still lingering. 

One was an order for 8 Starbucks ornament cups, which for some reason, this whole process has been working against me. I have made approximately 5 sets and I believe I have the final set ready. I just had to redo 2 of the 8 today, due to some issues I didn’t see till I was glazing them. 

Then my last one is Jem Star Plug earrings. I am working on color combinations for the buyer. I was hoping to get to some more color combinations this evening, but that did not happen.

I also have another commission brewing. I am unsure what it will be, but we shall see if this is something I can pull off. 🙂

I also have been experimenting with lots of glow in the dark pigments, additives, etc to extend my glow in the dark line within Harry Potter. 🙂 I can not wait to see how that pans out as well. 

I ordered a Logitech video camera for my business as well, this way I can take photos of product I am working on, maybe even take videos of how I make my product for easier reference for myself and videos of product and upload to my YouTube channel as well as my business page on Facebook, which I think would be really nice for anyone who would like to see a motion video of the product, may give you an better idea of the actual size. 🙂

So much going on! 


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