Jem Resin Led Earrings

Published August 21, 2012 by Sara

I posted a few photos on my Facebook account, along with a small video. I am almost done with finishing them and will do my first You Tube video showing their full effect. 🙂

I also will be hosting a giveaway, possibly a trade. And this should be exciting!! I will either have a set amount of items listed or may give winners a spending limit in my store, but each spending limit will allow you to get one or two items. 

Still playing around with the ideas and which ways will get me more traffic. 🙂 Because I have all these pages set up, but now is the time to focus on getting a bigger customer base. (Like I really need anymore, I’m swamped as it it..LOL)

I also have some newer items I am finishing, they are all on the down low until they are 100% complete!!

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