House of Evil : Reply to Review

Published July 16, 2012 by Sara

yourmouthislikeafuneral reblogged your post: Book Review : House of Evil

Just to answer your statement about “An American Crime”, it doesn’t cover near half the abuse this girl went through. I guess they can’t have too much shown on camera?

Well, that will be true of all movies that are made from books, it all depends on what the writer pulls from the book and what the director wants to work with. The movie seemed to favor Gertrude and kept making me want to feel sorry for her. Or make her seem more passive than what she was. Reading the book, there is no way she was that docile, she was the ringleader and encouraged her kids as well as the neighborhood kids to abuse Sylvia. 

And when the police found her body, it could have been mentioned that she was found with all her fingernails broken off, just reading that gives me chills, I could not even phantom the amount of pain she was in. 


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