High School Reunion : 20 Years

Published July 16, 2012 by Sara

Wow, I can not believe it has been that long!! And I was shocking all the kids I went to school with and told them, Gwen graduated this year, which is so weird to think about. 20 years ago, we were doing the same thing. LOL

But wow, trying to catch up with everyone was just crazy. And what’s weird is we only had a handful of people, I could not imagine having the whole graduating class!Β 

We also had some incredibly sad moments too, remembering the kids that have died over the years. One of them being Aaron Tanner. I don’t think anyone didn’t like him, he was such a funny guy and I loved his hugs. You could just feel how genuine he was. It just angers all of us that he was shot and killed over a stupid wallet. And go figure, those kids “attempted” to rob 2 people prior, one of which that turn and ran. They didn’t shoot him, but Aaron tried to run and they shot him. Aaron was engaged, he was getting ready to attend a video game convention and try to get in with making music for the gaming industry. He had so much to contribute and his loss is still felt even after all these years. (He was murdered Feb 25, 2001)

Then Jeremy “Jerms” Wozniack, was driving a tour bus for a band. Dropped them off in Tennesee, was on his way home. Fell asleep at the wheel, veered off the road and died in the crash. He was such a goof ball. He died July 2008.

We had two parts. First part was at the park and shocker, Mr. Rodahl, our history teacher showed up and it was so nice seeing him and actually speaking with him. He was one of the best teachers, as well as Mr. Lampkin and Mr. Stotts.Β 

Then Part 2 was at “The Knick”, which was crazy how much more people showed up for that. At one point when I was signing in, this guy standing next to Bridget and Michelle, is asking, “Who is that?” And I looked at him like and who the fuck are you? I was thinking he was someone’s husband and just being nosey. Well, when they said, Sara. He was like OH My GOD!! Sara?!?!? And I am still looking at him like, and who the fuck are you??!!? LOL Michelle says, “That’s George!” My mouth dropped to the ground and I exclaimed, “GEORGE?!? OMG!!” We got to talk for a bit, but then we went to find Jen and Pat, and then somehow I got stuck in the booth and when I went to find George, he had already left. 😦 But I got his # and will call him to see about meeting up sometime, maybe with another class mate, this way we have a back up for when the conversation stalls. πŸ™‚

Then at the end, it was only me, James, Dan, Heather and Patrick. Which of course the men folk were hungry. So we headed over to Von Trier since there was a Taco truck and then we could sit and drink. πŸ™‚

Tried a Moscow Mule for the first time and YUM!!Β 

When we were leaving, Pat wanted to keep a glass, so I stole it for him. BUT I now have the glass, he left the bar before me and I didn’t realize I still had it till I got to my car. LOL Well at least we have an excuse to meet up again. πŸ™‚

I wish this happened once a year, this was just too much fun. And it seems we are having these every 2 years, I definitely would love this happens again in 2 years. πŸ™‚


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