Published July 12, 2012 by Sara

Now I wish I had mentioned some of the ideas I had. I know of a few, but I have a feeling I forgot some others…..

But I am getting closer to reopening. I finally installed the driver for my printer and I just finally got Adobe Photoshop Elements installed, which that was tricky. I found my case, but the disc was not inside. So a friend of mine loaned me their copy so I could install it. This was the one program my netbook could not handle at all.

I have been organizing my area, getting things to make sense and seeing what I may need to move, whereas my work light is in the wrong spot completely, but what is frustrating, it holds my business cards and other odds and ends.

I am behind. Horribly behind. My Uncle passed away June 15th and his funeral was on June 30th. So I had to round u my husband and the kidlets to make the trek out for his services. We had planned to visit over summer vacation, but sadly, this ended up not being the visit we wanted to make. We did squeeze some fun things in as well. šŸ™‚

We came home July 3rd to horrendous heat. So for 3 days we did nothing. But now I am back up and running.

But now this weekend is my high school reunion. Oi vey! Just all these things throwing a wrench into my plans. But I hope that is the last event. But I am getting close.

I am also planning on having a rummage. This will help me recoup costs that we used for our trip and toss that back into savings. But i need to hussle, being as each day my store is not open, I am losing money and I like having savings……just nice having something to lean to when money does get tight.


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