Published June 26, 2012 by Sara

We are making plans to go to Minnesota since my Uncle’s funeral will be this Saturday. It just dawned on me while talking to my neighbor about getting passes for Nickelodeon Universe, since the last time we were there, we couldn’t afford the passes. (A whopping $30 a bracelet) 

I found a seller online who is selling 4 of them for $60, which comes with passes to Moose Mountain. I contacted him being as I was worried this would not arrive in time, even though it says expedited. And explained to him the urgency otherwise I am pretty laid back about what I purchase online. He is being so awesome and including some bowling passes as well. Which baffles me, I didn’t even know Mall of America has bowling. 

But at least now I have the kids excited. They all have been a sullen bunch since we found out Uncle Stu passed away. I just want to make this as fun as possible for them

Now all that is left, is making arrangements for our dog and calling my cousin Frank to see if we can stay at his motel and how much he will charge us. My cousin Brian says he most likely won’t charge us, but it sure would be nice to meet him and see the famous lobby my Uncle would always tell me I needed to see. 

My cousin used to travel to Africa among other places and he killed many wild animals, and he has everything that he ever caught, stuffed and mounted. 

And it sure would be nice to meet my Great Aunt’s kid. Maybe even find out more about her as well. 

Then on the way home, we plan on stopping at the houses they used for Grumpy Old Men. In the film they say Wabasha, but the houses are in St. Paul and it’s right on the way home. We may even stop there on our way in, who knows.

I plan on looking to see if there is anything else we would like to see while we are there. 


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