So proud!

Published June 25, 2012 by Sara

My friend Kevin just got hired for a new job and it’s for the city. I couldn’t be anymore happier for him. Poor guy couldn’t get his friend to help moving his tool boxes, so he called me to see if I would be available. Heck, even if I didn’t have the time, I would have tried like hell to make the time.

It was rather nice to see his job the same day he is seeing it for the first time.

And then on the news, they mentioned that Milwaukee is #1 for hiring in the country. Yes, Milwaukee. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I also think that this has a lot to do with Obama putting a lot of focus on Wisconsin.

Heck Masterlock has been mentioned alot being as they were one of the FIRST companies that stopped employment overseas and brought back employment here, now that was a little over a year ago. And they have been actively hiring since.

I am just glad to hear a company realizes that outsourcing to other countries is one of the many reasons the economy is royally screwed up. Heres hoping other companies follow suit. Why in the hell Bush even alowed that is beyond me.


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