So Many New Ideas

Published June 23, 2012 by Sara

I am hoping to see them all come into play before I reopen my stores!! I would give a hint about what it could be, but there are so many. I would hate to get everyone’s hopes up and it doesn’t pan out or get to see it finally be a finished piece. 

I have been a busy busy woman. Rearranged my house, steam cleaning, catching up laundry, putting away winter clothes, bringing out summer. Which I am beginning to think we may just keep the totes in the bedrooms, being as if needed, we can live out of the totes, when the weather sways to the extremes. 

I am also STILL reorganizing my work area. I have an awesome idea for a new drawer storage set up, and this will be strictly for my Jem earrings. I really want to make this holiday season as easy as possible. Otherwise, I get so bogged down, my family doesn’t see me except for when it’s time to make dinner. LOL

I did start working on my Jem LED’s. so far only 5 fuschia have been made. I am thinking of having about 50-75 ready for the season, who knows, maybe more. 😉 But I really shouldn’t push it though. 🙂 I’ll know more when I have my area a little more finalized. 🙂


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