Well, well, well….

Published June 12, 2012 by Sara

Well, I thought after moving the pins downstairs, that would be it. Well, they did harden up some more. But I could still leave a nail impression on them. Sooo, after waiting 3 days, which is the standard time for curing, but thought, give it another 3 days. Yeah, just didn’t get it to cure fully.

Well, then I thought about it and figured I could use my home oven to cure these. For one it would be a lot faster, I could do the whole tray at once. I was a tad nervous when I realized my home oven would only go as low as 170 degrees. I have always cured items on my craft oven at 150 degrees. 

Well, after about two time sets with a break in between of 1/2 hour. It worked!

I think since we have had so much humidity, moisture was still inside the epoxy, preventing it from curing the rest of the way. And my home oven proved that theory. (My craft oven was not cutting the mustard when these were still upstairs) And now I know 170 degrees is still alright for these. But who knows, that could work for my home oven, but my craft oven may damage the items since the heating elements are much closer to the rack inside.

And since I have been upstairs, I am very eager to deck it out with some decorations to make this feel more like “my” space. 

But currently, I am still organizing and figuring out where things should go in the meantime. I have hung a few items up. But while organizing, I found my Marilyn Monroe calendar I purchased just for the photos. So now I am on the search for frames to accommodate these. I found someone on eBay, but was really hoping for a matte frame, but when I do that, then the size gets all wonked out. *sigh* 

So I may have to check with Michaels and see how much this would cost me, being as I don’t want to spend over $50 for 4 photos. I may even do 3. 

Then we were watching an old home movie when my oldest was 3 and I got the idea of movie posters. 

This is utterly exciting and the more I can decorate with my taste, this will TRULY feel like a Mom Cave. I really don’t have intentions to use it as such, but it’s just something about knowing this space will be my space and to work in peace and quiet. And to think when I first moved upstairs, I missed my kids like no tomorrow and really didn’t like being away from them. Now I don’t even bat an eye at the thought….LOL


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