Operation Mom Cave

Published June 9, 2012 by Sara

I am finally done with moving the things I need into my studio/Mom Cave. It’s funny, I never truly thought of it as a Mom Cave until I was up here working the other day and have not had peace and quiet in a long time. Really, when I am alone by myself, the TV is off, no music, nothing. I just love the silence.

So I have been working like a crazy woman on getting this upper to feel more like my place and getting everything organized. I purchased a wire rack shelf from Target, so that has been quite helpful in getting this space under control.

I want this place to be clutter free and that wasn’t happening with the kids leaving odds and ends up here. I need this to be a stress free environment. Afterall, this is MY work space. I need it to feel like it’s working with me and not against me.

I simply can not relax when an area or room is cluttered. Which is my doing as well. I have boxes upon boxes of supplies that were empty and now add the boxes from the crap I just purchased. Argh! But will be condensing all of them and taking them to the self help center aka city dump.

But since I pretty much have everything done that I wanted to get done. Tomorrow we will start working on the downstairs, which if all goes well, it should be done quickly, especially with 3 kids helping. 🙂 

I did also get the A/C moved into the “Mom Cave”. I ended up using a dolly, being as it wasn’t quite heavy, just incredibly awkward. Got it up here and it would not fit in the window, which I quickly realized, this was the one my Mom had used in her bedroom. So after checking out the frame, I realized, I could use channel locks to pull some of the frame back, it already had a score line. And sure enough, that little section I needed popped right off. *sweet* So now I have functioning A/C.

The kids are already asking if they can sleep up here tonight….. sheesh.


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