I Did It!

Published June 9, 2012 by Sara

I finally took the plunge and got a new computer! I finally have it set up, even got a new monitor and I am in LOVE! Now when I am working, it won’t feel like such a chore when I am using my Netbook and pages are taking time to load, other pages get laggy or locked up. It just was time and it most certainly is needed. Anything that can save me time, is a big plus in my book.

I didn’t go all crazy and buy some crazy ass expensive computer either, I went with something cheap, but with features that will last me for as long as taxes will allow me to take the deduction. I just got a Gateway tower. It has 6GB RAM and 1 TB HD and it’s a i3 Intel Processor, which is the lower end if Intel, they have i5 and i7, I think even as high as i12, but really? I am not getting this for playing games, I just need something that will make my life a little less complicated.

Originally, I was just going to use my old monitor, but decided that damn the cost and I will get myself a monitor as well. I mean. afterall, how often do I just splurge a little bit on my business. I am such a penny pincher and watching my bottom line that I usually buy what I need.

I really need to get a new printer, but am waiting on that one. I have a few lined up, but after spending what I have so far, that is not a “needed” item at the moment. But I love I am becoming more and more less dependant on needing the main computer for anything. (New printer would solve that and would be the last thing tying me to downstairs.

I am going to get a new phone with 4 handsets, this way I can have a phone upstairs, being as I don’t like using my cell phone for phone calls and also I don’t have to run back downstairs when I think the call may be important.

But I am just so friggin’ happy right now, I honestly am so glad I finally purged for the expense. 🙂


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