Published June 5, 2012 by Sara

I finally got our taxes filed and am ready to get some things for the business. I have threatened for a few years now on getting my own computer, well it’s finally going to be done. I’m tired of waiting for pages to load, errors popping up and just having too much hassle when I really need to get things done.

I originally wanted something that was just a tower, but upon actually shipping around. It’s changed to getting an all in one, which will have the computer within the monitor. It’s still up in the air, since I am waiting on a few friends approval before taking the plunge.

I have put my stores on vacation and will be working on getting studioa cleaned up. I also got a new L glass top desk that will be very helpful since I can have the computer/shipping station on one side and my work area on the other. I need to steam clean the carpet, install a/c and move the futon upstairs.

Then on to rearranging our house. We have lived here for 10 years and we have not rearranged at all. the dining room and living room.will be swapped. All this for the Xbox Kinect. I moved it into my studio but I don’t get to use as much now that it’s not on the main level, but mainly because I got a game for Mother’s Day that my husband just has to see. The kids are excited, being as we never really had the room where it’s currently set up and it was a tad frustrating to play.


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