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Published June 26, 2012 by Sara

We are making plans to go to Minnesota since my Uncle’s funeral will be this Saturday. It just dawned on me while talking to my neighbor about getting passes for Nickelodeon Universe, since the last time we were there, we couldn’t afford the passes. (A whopping $30 a bracelet) 

I found a seller online who is selling 4 of them for $60, which comes with passes to Moose Mountain. I contacted him being as I was worried this would not arrive in time, even though it says expedited. And explained to him the urgency otherwise I am pretty laid back about what I purchase online. He is being so awesome and including some bowling passes as well. Which baffles me, I didn’t even know Mall of America has bowling. 

But at least now I have the kids excited. They all have been a sullen bunch since we found out Uncle Stu passed away. I just want to make this as fun as possible for them

Now all that is left, is making arrangements for our dog and calling my cousin Frank to see if we can stay at his motel and how much he will charge us. My cousin Brian says he most likely won’t charge us, but it sure would be nice to meet him and see the famous lobby my Uncle would always tell me I needed to see. 

My cousin used to travel to Africa among other places and he killed many wild animals, and he has everything that he ever caught, stuffed and mounted. 

And it sure would be nice to meet my Great Aunt’s kid. Maybe even find out more about her as well. 

Then on the way home, we plan on stopping at the houses they used for Grumpy Old Men. In the film they say Wabasha, but the houses are in St. Paul and it’s right on the way home. We may even stop there on our way in, who knows.

I plan on looking to see if there is anything else we would like to see while we are there. 


So proud!

Published June 25, 2012 by Sara

My friend Kevin just got hired for a new job and it’s for the city. I couldn’t be anymore happier for him. Poor guy couldn’t get his friend to help moving his tool boxes, so he called me to see if I would be available. Heck, even if I didn’t have the time, I would have tried like hell to make the time.

It was rather nice to see his job the same day he is seeing it for the first time.

And then on the news, they mentioned that Milwaukee is #1 for hiring in the country. Yes, Milwaukee. Pretty awesome if you ask me. I also think that this has a lot to do with Obama putting a lot of focus on Wisconsin.

Heck Masterlock has been mentioned alot being as they were one of the FIRST companies that stopped employment overseas and brought back employment here, now that was a little over a year ago. And they have been actively hiring since.

I am just glad to hear a company realizes that outsourcing to other countries is one of the many reasons the economy is royally screwed up. Heres hoping other companies follow suit. Why in the hell Bush even alowed that is beyond me.

So Many New Ideas

Published June 23, 2012 by Sara

I am hoping to see them all come into play before I reopen my stores!! I would give a hint about what it could be, but there are so many. I would hate to get everyone’s hopes up and it doesn’t pan out or get to see it finally be a finished piece. 

I have been a busy busy woman. Rearranged my house, steam cleaning, catching up laundry, putting away winter clothes, bringing out summer. Which I am beginning to think we may just keep the totes in the bedrooms, being as if needed, we can live out of the totes, when the weather sways to the extremes. 

I am also STILL reorganizing my work area. I have an awesome idea for a new drawer storage set up, and this will be strictly for my Jem earrings. I really want to make this holiday season as easy as possible. Otherwise, I get so bogged down, my family doesn’t see me except for when it’s time to make dinner. LOL

I did start working on my Jem LED’s. so far only 5 fuschia have been made. I am thinking of having about 50-75 ready for the season, who knows, maybe more. 😉 But I really shouldn’t push it though. 🙂 I’ll know more when I have my area a little more finalized. 🙂

Heavy Heart

Published June 15, 2012 by Sara

I received new today that my Uncle Stu (Stewie) passed away. It’s starting to sink in, but when I first found out, it was through my cousin Kathy in a message through FB. We were talking about pinterest and cleaning grout. She apologized like no tomorrow, and was worried I had not heard.

I sat there dazed, I knew this news was coming, I thought when I heard it, I would be a basket case. I literally went into shock. After a minute or so, I realized, I need to call Aunt Carol, being as I am not sure if anyone had called her. Got her voicemail, so she must be out. Then I tried my Uncle George and got his voicemail as well, which is utterly understandable, being as that poor man is most likely devasted beyond belief, being as another sibling has passed on. My Mom and Stu were the only two he was closest to. 

I played the messages on my machine and Brian did try calling around 8am to let me know the sad news. I was surprised the phone nor the machine woke me up, but then I realized we had the ceiling fan on, which with that white noise going on, tends to block out any other noise from the phone. To me, it was a good thing. I had not slept good the previous two nights and I was utterly surprised I slept good last night. 

But then I had the sad task of telling the kids, which that utterly tore me up inside to have to deliver such sad news. Julia was the firs I told and she howled like no tomorrow. I knew she would take it the hardest, since she is so sensitive. She really misses him and really wanted to see him over Spring Break, but she was satisfied with the knowledge that we would see him over Summer Break. It makes me feel so awful that the kids didn’t get to see him one last time before he departed. 

Once I had Julia squared away and told my husband. He asked me if I was ok, which surprisingly, I was, but it had not sunk in yet. But I started crying because I had to still tell Gwen and Emily. I don’t like hurting my kids. And I knew Gwen was still working on her 1/2 credit for school and was thinking I’d tell her later on since today is the last day, but she came downstairs and one look at my face and she knew. But she hugged me instead and asked if I was ok, which I was, I just was upset I had to tell them. And thankfully she is done with her 1/2 credit, so it’s all good. *whew*

Telling Emily was fairly easy. She just made a shocked look at me. I think we all are just reeling from the information. 

But now it’s slowly sinking in for me. I was at Starbucks and almost started crying when I was ordering. Then I tried calling my cousin Brian back after I got back and was fighting back the tears. I think actually verbally acknowledging it, is what is making it sink in. Being as when I wasn’t saying anything or saying it out loud, was when it didn’t seem real. 

I really hated sending messages through FB telling people, but sadly, it’s the only way I talk to them or them to me. Luckily, a friend of mine saw my FB status and I asked her if she could call and tell her Mom, being as I didn’t want her to read it on FB. 

So now we wait to find out when the memorial is. I just hope it’s enough time to get everything on our end set up to plan coming out a little better. But I know when I come back, it will be time to reopen my stores.

Little Wonders

Published June 13, 2012 by Sara

When my Mom was sick, this song would play on the radio and literally broke me to tears each time I would hear it. 

Little Wonders – Rob Thomas (by Scarene1)

Well, now with the news of my Uncle, it has now been playing on the radio again. I know people would pass that off as that I wasn’t “listening” for it till now, but honestly, even after my Mom’s passing, this song would make me stop whatever I was doing and listen to it. It’s the same with the song for Mila, the little girl who passed shortly after my Mom. I have not heard that song until just recently and each time, it made me stop.

Anyway, I have been beating myself up over not being there for my Uncle. But somehow I have found peace with it. I know that even if I had known, there wouldn’t be anything I could do. I can’t stop the cancer, I can remove it, I can’t change it. This was a huge factor I had to accept with my Mom, which utterly made me feel helpless that I could not do a damn thing to make her better.

I just wish it wasn’t cancer taking away another loved one of mine away. 

Like my cousin Brian says, you never feel more alone until the woman who brought you into this world is gone. But my Uncle is the last closest relative I have. That’s it. And knowing this, makes me feel even more alone than ever. But in a way there has been a trade off with all this sadness. My cousin Brian and I are just enamored with each other and wished we had spoke sooner. We both crack each other up and we both talk incessantly, which is a Woodling trait, but is a Fetter trait as well. So we are a double threat. But I can’t help but wonder if this may be all a facade and will change once my Uncle dies, I guess only time will tell. I also have been talking more to my Aunt Connie more, which I have always enjoyed talking to her. Also, my Aunt Carol has been reaching out to me more as of late. Which I am thinking they are worried about me, since they know I am incredibly close to Uncle Stu.

My cousin Brian called the other day and I literally was already tearing up dreading for the awful news. I have been such a bundle of nerves, I have been pounding through the house and getting it in tip top shape, being as I am worried that once the news hit, I will sink into depression. Who knows, maybe I’ll have one day of depression, but I just want to make my life as easy as possible when and if that news does come, then all I need to worry about is making arrangements for the trip to Minnesota for the Memorial. And while we were planning on going towards July, I guess we will make this the time we had planned for our trip. 

I just hope to make the trip a little fun for the kids and so it’s not so depressing for them. 

Well, well, well….

Published June 12, 2012 by Sara

Well, I thought after moving the pins downstairs, that would be it. Well, they did harden up some more. But I could still leave a nail impression on them. Sooo, after waiting 3 days, which is the standard time for curing, but thought, give it another 3 days. Yeah, just didn’t get it to cure fully.

Well, then I thought about it and figured I could use my home oven to cure these. For one it would be a lot faster, I could do the whole tray at once. I was a tad nervous when I realized my home oven would only go as low as 170 degrees. I have always cured items on my craft oven at 150 degrees. 

Well, after about two time sets with a break in between of 1/2 hour. It worked!

I think since we have had so much humidity, moisture was still inside the epoxy, preventing it from curing the rest of the way. And my home oven proved that theory. (My craft oven was not cutting the mustard when these were still upstairs) And now I know 170 degrees is still alright for these. But who knows, that could work for my home oven, but my craft oven may damage the items since the heating elements are much closer to the rack inside.

And since I have been upstairs, I am very eager to deck it out with some decorations to make this feel more like “my” space. 

But currently, I am still organizing and figuring out where things should go in the meantime. I have hung a few items up. But while organizing, I found my Marilyn Monroe calendar I purchased just for the photos. So now I am on the search for frames to accommodate these. I found someone on eBay, but was really hoping for a matte frame, but when I do that, then the size gets all wonked out. *sigh* 

So I may have to check with Michaels and see how much this would cost me, being as I don’t want to spend over $50 for 4 photos. I may even do 3. 

Then we were watching an old home movie when my oldest was 3 and I got the idea of movie posters. 

This is utterly exciting and the more I can decorate with my taste, this will TRULY feel like a Mom Cave. I really don’t have intentions to use it as such, but it’s just something about knowing this space will be my space and to work in peace and quiet. And to think when I first moved upstairs, I missed my kids like no tomorrow and really didn’t like being away from them. Now I don’t even bat an eye at the thought….LOL

Operation Mom Cave

Published June 9, 2012 by Sara

I am finally done with moving the things I need into my studio/Mom Cave. It’s funny, I never truly thought of it as a Mom Cave until I was up here working the other day and have not had peace and quiet in a long time. Really, when I am alone by myself, the TV is off, no music, nothing. I just love the silence.

So I have been working like a crazy woman on getting this upper to feel more like my place and getting everything organized. I purchased a wire rack shelf from Target, so that has been quite helpful in getting this space under control.

I want this place to be clutter free and that wasn’t happening with the kids leaving odds and ends up here. I need this to be a stress free environment. Afterall, this is MY work space. I need it to feel like it’s working with me and not against me.

I simply can not relax when an area or room is cluttered. Which is my doing as well. I have boxes upon boxes of supplies that were empty and now add the boxes from the crap I just purchased. Argh! But will be condensing all of them and taking them to the self help center aka city dump.

But since I pretty much have everything done that I wanted to get done. Tomorrow we will start working on the downstairs, which if all goes well, it should be done quickly, especially with 3 kids helping. 🙂 

I did also get the A/C moved into the “Mom Cave”. I ended up using a dolly, being as it wasn’t quite heavy, just incredibly awkward. Got it up here and it would not fit in the window, which I quickly realized, this was the one my Mom had used in her bedroom. So after checking out the frame, I realized, I could use channel locks to pull some of the frame back, it already had a score line. And sure enough, that little section I needed popped right off. *sweet* So now I have functioning A/C.

The kids are already asking if they can sleep up here tonight….. sheesh.