Book Review : House of Evil

Published May 10, 2012 by Sara

I am not done with this book, but I really need to get this off my chest. This has been by FAR the hardest true crime story I have read yet. 

The amount of abuse this girl went through while she stayed with this evil woman and her 7 children. Not to mention the kids that were coming over to visit, they ALL tortured this poor girl. (She had a younger sister that was living in this house as well, but she had only been hurt a handful of times and nothing as close as to what her sister experience.)

She lived there for only 15 weeks (one week shy of 4 months) and she was dead, from the brutal abuse that she went through, from being tripped down the stairs, to being body slammed to the point her kidney’s had failed and she could not control her bladder, to which she was punished for that, she was forced to take scalding hot baths to the point in which her skin was falling off, they burned her with cigarettes and this is only SOME of her abuse. 

Shortly before she died, they had branded on her stomach with a safety pin and carved into her skin, “I’m a prostitute and I’m proud of it!” Also, they had burned a 3 into her chest, which was suppose to be S, but they messed up the links. When she was found, ALL her fingernails were broken from her scratching the ground/floor from pain. 

I have been meaning to read this book for quite some time. I originally watched the movie , “The Girl Next Door” which made me wonder if this was based on a true story and I had started to find out exactly what happened. I know there is another movie called “An American Crime” which looks vaguely familiar, but the movie I know I did see, doesn’t even cover the abuse Sylvia suffered.

While reading this, I wanted to cry, no one should EVER be tormented the way she was. At times I wanted to scream “STOP!” But it would not accomplish a thing. I have read other True Crime stories in the past and this one just is REALLY hard to read. 

I may update this review once I am finished, but I don’t think there will be much else to say since I am reading the court proceedings now. 

This story alone is why I would not want to be a detective. Something that I have been fascinated with since I was a teenager. My husband says I should, but really, I don’t want to be on call and when you work a case, you’re on it till it’s solved. I think I’d rather be CSI or Forensics, you may still be on call, but you don’t have to have the schedule like a detective. 


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