Book Review : The Hunger Games

Published May 6, 2012 by Sara

Wow, I did not think I would finish this in a day, but everyone that had told me about it, told me it would be a page turner! I seriously thought after seeing the movie, it would have been difficult to read, which I think I may have spaced out enough time from seeing the movie to reading the book to not be sitting there thinking about what happened in the movie versus the book.

I am glad I read it, for one, it gave me A LOT more information as to why they even have “The Hunger Games” and movies can not get you into the psyche of the character’s thoughts and why they do certain things. 

I could not put this down and will be creeping into the 2nd book in a few minutes.

It was funny, as I was cooking dinner, I had my tablet with me and my oldest two saw what chapter I was on and they were telling me that I am a fast reader, but I explained to them, this book is so good, it’s making me want to read fast. Hell, I didn’t even read Fifty Shades this fast! Truly, I don’t think I am that fast of a reader. My friend Liz and Angela are way faster than I. But then they really read a lot of books. 

I never before in a book experienced such a strong character as Katniss. She really is inspiring and it really makes you put yourself and your life in perspective. If you think you have it bad, her character makes you truly realize how easy you have it, regardless of what you may be going through.

I am truly glad I have found out how to use my tablet as an eReader, being as I was having friends offer to loan me books, but was unsure how to do this, but now that has been figured out, let the books roll on in. Even more so I can borrow from the library as well.

I still think I would very much like an independent eReader separate from my tablet, but I am still on the fence on that one. But I am intrigued by the idea of having one that has a longer battery life and much smaller to transport aside from my tablet. But we shall see, it’s still a huge “IF” at the moment and I do love having my tablet to take a break from the book I am reading to check email, putz on Facebook or play some games….


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