Fifty Shades of Grey

Published May 4, 2012 by Sara

I have finally finished the book tonight. I am hooked! I must say some of the sex scenes were a little over the top for me. This writer, I don’t know who her editor was, but a lot of words were repetive. I will review more on this tomorrow. I can’t be on my tablet with all I have to say….lol

I plan to read the next book, but am going to read The Hunger Games first, since I had a hard time getting it from my kids to read it. And then go back and forth with each book. Since 4 different people are begging me to read Hunger Games and Fifty Shades. 🙂

And I have finally decided on a book reader. I want to get just a plain one, no color, just a white screen with black text since those have anti glare screens. But am plankton checking out Best Buy since I can look at all of them and get a feel for the differences they have.


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