Book Review : Fifty Shades

Published May 4, 2012 by Sara

I have heard about this book for over a month now and my local DJ was the one who originally had my interest piqued on reading this. I downloaded the preview version, which anyone who does, be forewarned, where the story leaves you off at (approx Chapter 3), WILL not leave you wanting to read more. I actually was angry and seriously considered not even finishing it, so I emailed the local DJ and a friend that recommended this book and they explained to me it does get better, much better.

So, I ordered the eBook version and I got hooked. There were some issues I had with the book, but I didn’t dwell on them and continued to read the book. I am sure I would have enjoyed the books a lot more if Ana wasn’t a virgin. I wouldn’t have minded if she was a virgin to BDSM.

If there wasn’t such repetitiveness of use of certain words, for instance, inner goddess, my sex (which to explain her nether regions), I was thankful that medulla oblongata was stopped being used after the 10th or 12th chapter. And biting her lip, was a bit too much. When she first did it, I didn’t find it bothersome, but it was then reused a lot through the story. A lot of the stuff she reused throughout the story made me think of when my kids think they have done something funny. First time is great, but after that, it gets old.

And the sex scenes, they were definitely steamy, but even I was getting exhausted at how much they kept going at it and while her being a virgin, how quickly she was able to achieve orgasm each time.

I do not know who E.L. James editor was/is, but did they proof read her novel before publishing? I have a feeling that this was a self published book. And with that being said, I wonder if E.L James is wishing she fine tuned the story and polished it a bit. Although, she is not a horrible writer afterall. She did use a handful of words that I had never heard of before. (Thank goodness for the dictionary feature on Aldiko reader. LOL) But there were some words she used that are not used here in the States, but again, she most likely wrote this thinking it would not have had the success it would have. She did after all write fanfics, and this story was the fan fic that she published online, but when the demand of readers asked her to publish, she changed the characters names from Edward and Bella and changed some other information. The original title of this book was “Master of the Universe” Which I did find copies of that as well, and may read once I am caught up with everything else. 🙂 

A lot of people have compared her story to Twilight. I do feel the story line does borrow from Twilight, but I don’t feel her characters reflect Edward and Bella. Well in the sense that Christian, he is adopted. And Ana, has divorced parents and seems like a flat character with no real dimension. (Just like Bella) I am more drawn to Christian. I also don’t find whips and BDSM all that erotic. Being tied up, yes, but being spanked or hit with anything, simply is a huge turn off for me, even in an imaginary sense.

I did enjoy the playfulness between them. And their emails between each other. In that sense, I connected to Ana, being as I am the same way when it comes to being playful and I loved how Christian was the same. 

I did find some parts in the story where I had a hard time putting down the book, but then there were parts I had no qualms putting it down and walking away from it. But I wasn’t glued from beginning to end nose in the book.

This is not my normal genre of reading. The only thing I have read that could be anywhere close to this was V.C. Andrews when I was in my teens. Otherwise give me a true crime story (Ann Rule) or a novel by Dean R. Koontz.

I am hooked in some strange reason and I do plan to read the next book, being as I would like to see where this story goes. BUT after I read “The Hunger Games” since my daughters are begging me to read it.


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