44th Biennial Music Festival

Published May 3, 2012 by Sara

Wow, what amazing performances from kids that were selected to perform in this! It was rather frustrating since we couldn’t find Emily and where she was sitting exactly. But I recorded the songs she did

Boy it was absolute chaos just trying to drop Emily off. There were buses, cars, people. I was really worried I would not get her there in time, but she made it! I didn’t even bother trying to look for parking since I am sure pretty much all spots would have been taken anyway, so cruised down to the Bradley Center parking.

When Gwen and I got our seats. And I noticed we didn’t get the programs. So I run back to nab up 2 and as we are sitting, she points out that her other music teacher is there, he is directing Honors Band, then I am looking and notice a friend of mine from when I used to work Blockbuster, she is directing the Elementary Choir, then also noticed someone I went to High School with, he was directing Honors Orchestra. Wow, small world!

But when I saw my friend from Blockbuster, her husband was my boss. I start scanning the audience for her husband to see if he is there, and right behind me a few rows up is my friend Bridget’s husband. I start looking for her and don’t see her, then I start looking for just one of her daughters and don’t see them either, then Gwen tells me I look like a creeper/stalker, so I stop looking…lol  But of course, after the show, I see them as we are leaving, but didn’t stop to say Hi, being as it was absolute madness trying to get out of that place, but if I had known before the program started, I would have went to say Hello. *ugh*

Then as we are waiting in the vestibule for Emily, I see an old friend from middle school, Joe Bree. Which I thought he was living in California. Didn’t know he is living back in Milwaukee, but maybe he was only visiting. ???

Then I saw Patrick that I went to high school with. This is the guy that is going to help me with my basement and what tips he can offer to build a solid room. 🙂 I didn’t stop to say Hi to him either, we have a reunion coming up and we will all be able to catch up then. Otherwise, it was wall to wall people and I guess the arrangements for kids leaving was not at all rehearsed, and it was one big ole mess. 

The program itself was amazing. I am just thrilled to say I now have two children who have participated in this festival. 

Adam Murphy’s piece that he directed was rather a snoozer. It was still amazing though. I love instrumental music, but prefer upbeat tempos. (They did “The Dark Knight Suite”) God knows, I have wayyyyy too many soundtracks, that I really need to downsize on my iPod or create their own folder, something. 😛 (My all time favorite is “A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics”. As a kid, it was “The Entertainer” and “Music Box Dancer”, which both are used for ice cream trucks in these parts…LOL)

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