Spring Concert

Published April 28, 2012 by Sara

Now I see why this school is rated in the Top 100 High Schools in the USA to attend. (#2 in Wisconsin, tied with Veritas. #1 being Rufus King.)

Emily and I went to Ronald Reagan’s Spring Concert and we were literally blown away by the talent. I could not believe this was high school kids, they were all so professional.

It was also bittersweet, being as all the seniors were wearing carnations to let the audience know that this is their last performance.

At the end, the principal thanked all of the seniors, being as they were the trailblazers that broke the barriers and made the department what it is today.

I could not be anymore proud of my daughter Gwen. Watching her onstage with her fellow class mates and knowing this is the last ever concert I will see, kinda made me misty eyed.

Emily’s shining moment will be May 2nd when she performs in the Bicentinnal Music Festival at US Cellular Arena, only 1,000 kids in Milwaukee are bestowed this honor. Gwen was asked to participate in this as well when she was Emily’s age. 

And at Gwen’s performance, Emily won the raffle they were having. LOL 4 certificates to Topper’s Pizza. Which she didn’t even want to enter, goofball. We tried it last night and we really like it. I even got 50% off a pizza with a check in to Foursquare, bonus! The certificates were for bread sticks, wings, quesadilla and a sandwich. I thought it was going to be for pizza, but it still worked out. 


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