Published April 28, 2012 by Sara

I was just cruising around on Facebook, when a profile picture just froze time, my heart stopped and just could not believe I was seeing a photo of Davy, one from when he was a little kid with his sister Ann. 

I went to her page and she has been adding photos of him and a rush of memories came back to me that I had long forgotten about.

He truly felt like to me he was my little brother. I grew up with Ann and we were inseparable back then. I remember play fighting with Davy when I would sleep over at her house.

I remember going swimming at Pulaski Pool with Ann, Davy and their Mom. Davy begged and begged to borrow my googles. Which I finally conceeded to and that little squirt was only using them to check out the ladies under water…lmao.

I remember babysitting for him and with the money I earned, I bought myself a curling iron from Walgreens. We would ride our bikes all over town. Heck one time we even rode our bikes all the way to the lake front. Which to think about that now is crazy, you would not see my old ass get on a bike and ride that far. Heck, I wouldn’t even let my kids ride their bikes to the lake front….lol

I miss the goofy little run he had. It’s rather hard to explain, but he was all arms and legs when he would run. I gave him a lot of crap the way he would run.

I really miss Davy. I really do.

Davy was murdered 9/3/1996. A day that I will NEVER forget.

I missed seeing him graduate from high school, I missed seeing the father he would be, I missed seeing him falling in love for the first time, I missed seeing the man he would become. 

It’s just so devasting to think about what we missed and that he was taken so young. This was the first death that rattled me to my core. The first time I couldn’t understand why the world could continue and everyone could be happy, did they not know too that Davy was murdered? It just feels so surreal that one day can literally turn your world upside down and everyone can continue their life as if nothing happened, you feel that everyone should have known him, everyone should be affected. I wanted to grab people that were blissfully unaware of my world shattering and scream at them, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you not know, someone was murdered? Someone that should be alive? Someone that was too young to go?”

I just didn’t want to believe it, not Davy, not this little kid that I knew since he was  5 years old. Not someone so young. But the minute I saw Dee and Jim’s face, my heart sank. I knew it was real. I still didn’t want it to be, but then I knew I had to face it. 

And now with seeing pictures, just makes me realize even after all this time, I still miss him just as much as it were yesterday he was taken from us.

I am still angry that the people that shot him, walked away, simply because they claimed self defense. As much as you want the justice system to work in your favor, they tend to look the other way when it’s gang related. Maybe I am being naive, but that is exactly how I see it. I feel someone should pay for taking Davy’s life.

It wasn’t fair and it still isn’t.


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