Published April 24, 2012 by Sara

I believe this is the first vacation I am taking that feels like vacation. But time for me to stop slacking and get some serious stuff done. I started this last year, but a lot of things went unfinished because my husband’s brother would show up unannounced. Seemed no matter how much I would ask for him do call first or just find out which day is good to stop by, it would skip right back to showing up unannounced. Our lives don’t work like that. We do makes plans and sometimes it’s where we just can’t have company over.

Anyway, I got my can cleaned out, started doing some yard work. This time I am doing laundry, being as I am washing everything in our house and getting this house UNDER control. And since I don’t park in garage at the moment, whatever we are getting rid of or selling in the neighborhood rummage can be stores in there.

And as much as I was thinking building a room in the basement, it won’t be ready till fall anyway. So much for planning to be down there this summer.

So I have been shopping for what I need for my studio’s current location. Mainly a new desk, one with a glass too. Then I can spill whatever on it and know it will clean up in a snap. Also going to move the futon up there as well, this way we have a place to sit and the kids will have something to sleep on when they have sleep overs up there. And either fix the Papasan chair I have or find a used one super cheap. Last on my list is to get an led TV. Just would be nice to have and most likely will get a used or remanufactured one.

I just have a lot to get done, but can’t have my stores on vacation forever.


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