Published April 18, 2012 by Sara

My stores are officially on vacation! I filed for an extension for my taxes since now I am behind. I ended up with a stomach bug on Monday and I was MIA. But now I am back to getting orders caught up and out, so I can get crack-a-lacking on my taxes. LOL I just wish I didn’t feel crappy still, but at least enough to get started. I emailed all my buyers to inform them of the delay. Thankfully everyone has been understanding. *whew* 

It will be nice and a huge relief to have my taxes done. And as soon as they are filed. I plan to start getting ready for next years. Which I think basically will be just getting my receipts together for expenses. 

I also think I am going to try and make a commitment to myself to plan out one day each month when I sit down and figure out my expenses and tally them for the month. I know I was originally told to do this every 3 months, but that seems to be far fetched and I don’t remember that. Doing a month at a time, seems more feasible and easier to remember. 😉

I really need to make this process easier for me. But I think too, what makes it so much easier to slack on them, is I know I will get them back in 7 days. 

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