Published April 18, 2012 by Sara

Ugh, I HATE taxes! Well, I think I wouldn’t hate them so much if I had all my expenses and such figured out. And it has been just so crazy, I was trying to generate sales to have a cushion so I COULD work on taxes, but then that wasn’t happening. 

Then over Easter break, sales were doing good and then finally when I get a check for overpayment from Escrow, then my business brings in the $$ I needed….lmao

It’s all good. At least this way there is no huge rush on getting this filed. I don’t plan to delay it anymore, but am catching up the orders I have to get out and then will be going through my studio and pulling all the receipts I can find. And create two boxes. One for last year and one for current year.

I am planning that once I have my taxes done, I will be going through what I have for this year and getting a jump start on all of it. BUT the upside is Paypal showed me how to create a CVS file, pull it into Excel and organize the amounts, so it auto calculates for me and I don’t have to sit there with a calculator. *bonus* That alone saves me 2-3 days of work, into less than 5 minutes. 

I know Etsy does CVS and I need to check and see which other selling sites have that as well. 

I have a feeling after doing my taxes this year, it may not be such a dreaded task.

I found out my bank offers free filing, which at first I was like, awesome, but you know what? They are NOT going to tell me what extra deductions I can claim next year or give me pointers. I may try it. But DEFINITELY will not go through anyone else, being as my sister in law Julie paid $900 to have hers done, which if you ask me, is INSANE! And what kills me, is these preparers are only entering your calculations. I don’t see them go above and beyond to make that money count. So, for $180, I’ll do my own taxes thank you very much!

When we went through Liberty a few years back, it was going to be $700. but they knocked it down to $270 since that is what we paid through H&R Block. Just hearing what it could have been, never mind, I’ll do them myself. 

But I am glad to get the over payment for escrow, being as we need a new toothbrush. We have had this for over 10 years now?? I am sure it was before Emily was born and she is 11. 

A new cordless phone. I am not sure who lost our 2nd handset, but if I buy a replacement, it’s going to be $60-80 just for one. So I am better off buying a new set that comes with 4 handsets. Originally we would have went with 3, but this way I can have a phone in my studio, a phone in the bedroom for my husband, since he has mobility issues. 

And get my van fixed. I would have loved to go to Minnesota over spring break, but I need something fixed on my van. I forget what the part is called, but it’s something that connects to the rack and pinion, and once that is done, possible new tires and alignment. Or I may just opt for a new van, new to me van I should say…lmao and sell the one I currently drive. 

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