Published April 17, 2012 by Sara

I can not believe it that my baby is a senior and will be graduating high school next month. *sigh*

I was at Target today and walked past cards and realized, I need to get her a card! I started looking through the funny ones and was cracking up, but then I moved onto the sentimental ones and I literally started crying inside Target. Such a range of emotions that were rushing through me, it was just too overwhelming.

1. My baby is NOT a baby anymore. I have been coming to terms with that since forever, but it’s becoming more imminent as she goes through these last few hurdles.

2. Where has all the time gone? Where is my little girl that I took to the park, colored with, read stories too and was literally tortured with having to watch Barney day in and day out? (Honestly, I liked Barney and thought he was cool…) My little girl that was in love with “Quasimoto” from Hunchback of Notre Dame and she would always coo his name is a deep voice….”Ohhh Quasimoootooo”  lmao

3. My Mom would have been so proud. She would have wanted to be here to see Gwen walk across that stage. Her very first grandbaby all grown up. And this is what I think really kills me the most, is not having my Mom here for this accomplishment. For her to be here cheering her on. 

4. My husband’s Mother won’t be here either. And I know she would be thrilled to see another grandbaby walking across the stage. Which I think Gwen would be #3. But I know, Ma and my Mom are watching her from above, incredibly proud of her. 

5. We are drawing close to closing the chapter on Gwen’s childhood and she will officially be considered an adult. Free from school books, tests, quizzes and exams. Well, that is until she decides what college she will go to.

I asked her if she would like to have a Graduation Party, which she is choosing to not have one. So I have been tossing out ideas of other alternatives. Of course her sisters say Florida so we can go to Disney World….goofballs. But I am not even sure if we can do that, but we shall see. I plan to draw up a few options and she can take it from there.

And next I will be doing her graduation photos. I have already told her of two places I would like to do them, but for her to keep an eye out for other places and let me know. As soon as we get our taxes back, I plan to finally purchase the lense I “almost” bought last year, but held off since I opted to stay on vacation longer.

I can not wait to do these for her. But I need to find out if we are to create our own invites or notifications of her graduation or is this something provided by the school. I just paid the last of her student fees, which includes her IB tests she can earn for college. 

I knew this day was coming. I dreaded it. I dreaded her turning 18. I want her to become her own person, but I can’t believe she is on her own. She is responsible for herself, BUT as long as she lives at home, it is our rules until she moves out. But that scares me……

I just can not believe my baby is graduating…..


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