Foreclosure Strikes Again

Published April 15, 2012 by Sara

My sister in law Julie just went to court since she was facing foreclosure, long story as to what happened with that, but I just truly feel so bad for her situation and not knowing how she is going to keep everything a float till she figures something out.

But she got it delayed! Not sure for how long, but at least she has bought herself some time to figure out a solution. 

Julie has always been incredibly smart and I know she will figure something out. I asked her if she tried for the Home Mod loan, she said she did, but it was a joke since she’s self employed they were putting her on a goose chase. I asked her, wasn’t this like 2 years ago? Which she agreed. I told her maybe check into it now, being as I have read they have changed a lot of the process since it first started, being as it was still creating worse problems than making it easier. 

BUT told her to check into refi, being as that may be a better solution since that will be long term. Home Mod I believe is only a 1 or 2 year program. (I could be wrong.) 

Also told her that my friends are applying for that, not sure what the update is on that. I meant to ask Liz today when I was talking to her, but Julie definitely wanted me to find out, being as she might check into it again. 

And I was asking her how does she like Marquette Denistry and has she ever been there? She said no. But long story short, she told me that this one dentist on 35th St is taking new patients, which I have always wondered if this was my dentist when we first moved here and sure shit, it is! I looked at his pic online. I am so on top of this come Monday and to get my husband set up with him too. Also, see if he can see my kids. Between all of us, I think we are done with Dr. Zhang……being with him, he can’t do some procedures, so we need to trek all over Milwaukee for each kid, crazy if you ask me. Dr. Smith does it ALL! 

AND I know Dr. Smith. Afterall he was my ped dentist. I can not WAIT to see him again!!


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