Titanic 3-D

Published April 13, 2012 by Sara

It was AH-mazing!! Even Gwen said it was really good. I was a little nervous, being as this movie was not made with 3-D in mind, but it did well, extremely well and I feel it was well worth the money spent.

I do have to say I was a little bummed since I already knew what happened. I was wishing I was seeing it for the very first time again. 

But to see that magnificent ship on the big screen and have all those sounds vibrating through you, just makes for the experience to be in the theater that much more thrilling.

I had read a review, that I couldn’t agree more that said, “If ANY movie should be made into 3D, it should be Titanic. If ANY director should make a 3D movie, it should be James Cameron.”

Emily also went with, while my youngest Julia opted to stay home. Which I figured she would. 3 hours and 14 minutes is a REALLY long time to sit through a movie.

Gwen was in LOVE with this movie when she was 4-5 years old. And she would not stop singing the song from Titanic and would always sing it to my friend Kevin whom she was determined she was going to marry and live with him happily ever after. LOL  She loves this movie so much, that when I was pregnant with her sister Emily, she wanted to name her Rose. I couldn’t do that. But I do wish I gave that as her middle name. 

And what’s even funny, is when we were at Walgreens selecting our candy. I heard this older woman talking to her grandkids and they were there too. I never looked up to see who it was, but was thinking to myself, I bet they are going to the movies too. Then when we arrived at South Shore, the girl stops my kids and say “Hey, we saw you guys at Walgreens!” And we started talking and found out she was there to see the same movie and I asked if she was here with her Mom and she said “No, Grandma.” This black haired lady walks up and my mouth drops. I tell her, “I don’t expect you to remember me, but I worked at the Blockbuster on 76th & Greenfield and you always came in EVERY Tuesday to rent movies.” And she remembered me and we chatted for a bit and I even asked her if she was still working for the non-profit she was working for and she said, “No, but that she was at MATC now.” And I had to ask her, being as her name was on the tip of my tongue, but couldn’t remember her name. She said “Candy” And that’s right and how on earth could I forget a name like that? But she was going to see “Mirror, Mirror” while her granddaughters were going to see Titanic 3D.

We live in such a small world….


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