Spring Break

Published April 13, 2012 by Sara

I certainly have been busy!! I am in the process of bulking up some more stock and possibly will be putting my stores on vacation for a few days. I REALLY need to do my taxes. And I need to stop dragging my feet about it. *sigh*

I just hate that I need to go through ALL my receipts and calculate the totals and I also need to dig through my work area in my studio to find the loose receipts that didn’t get put away. *sigh*

But seriously, when this is all done. I will be looking for current receipts and getting those organized and creating a file system for them as well. I have been on the hunt for a purse to accommodate two small file organizers. One for my post office trips and second for my business purchases. 

But at the moment I am at a stand still for creating anything new. Maybe when I am caught up with all this, I can finally get those 3D leg lamp earrings created.

WAIT! I take that back. I do want to try and make a resin pair of Jem earrings. I even ordered the colors to mix with the epoxy which will make red and possibly pink. Which after ordering these, made me realize I could potentially use my metallic powders as well, glitter and so on. 

But I am only starting with one pair and will take it from there. I need to see the response on this before jumping ahead with more.

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