Published April 4, 2012 by Sara

I am planning on taking the kids to see this in 3-D, plus I have heard James Cameron changed some scenes in the movie to make it more historically accurate.

My husband and youngest have already decided against seeing this. The movie is after all 3 hours long. And to think, my husband took me to see this when it came out, neither of us were aware it was that long. I chugged my soda down within the first hour and was dying to go when it was close to the end. I do not think I have seen so many people stand up at once and rush to the bathroom when the movie ended.

I actually was on the radio for this as well. I had called in to request a music mix they did with parts from the movie along with Celine Dion’s song. Actually, I wanted to find out where I could buy it and the DJ told me if I called him back when I got home, he’d play it so I could record it, since it was not available for purchase. AND when I called back to let him know I was home, he asked me to tell him so he could record it the story of what happened, and how it was the best movie ever. (Something like that, but I have this recorded as well…)

When I took the kids to see “The Hunger Games” we saw a preview for “Titanic” and seriously, I started to tear up. Emily was nudging Gwen and telling her, “Mom’s crying already!” LOL Sorry, it just now, knowing how the movie is, how magnificent they make it look and to see this majestic ship in 3-D, is just going to be surreal. And then 2 years ago, the kids and I had went to see the Titantic expedition at the Museum, which we all were moved by this. It really put you in the experience and lead you down the time line of how everything happened. At the beginning we all got our boarding passes with names on them. And the end, we could find out if we lived or died on the ship. My ticket stated I died with my husband, she refused to leave her husband behind, which moved me by her loving gesture. I am not sure if I could do the same, being as we have children that are young, whereas the woman who choose to stay with her husband, their kids were all grown and these two were in their twilight years. If this was the same for me and my kids were older, I love my kids to bits, but I could not live with the survivor’s guilt for letting my husband die alone.

Ok, enough sad talk, but back to the movie. When I had first seen this in the theaters, I was in awe. I have had a fascination with Titanic ever since I could walk and talk. My Mom instilled this interest in me.

But when I had seen the movie for the first time, showing just how big the gears were under the ship, just left me in awe.

I am not sure how well this movie will fair in 3D considering the ending is quite dark and that is when the ship is sinking. 

I had been checking into seeing this at Imax, but the one at Mayfair is not planning to have it. Kinda bummed. But thinking about it, Imax is a huge screen to have that as 3D I am not sure if it would be that effective in 3D.

So hoping this weekend we will get the chance to see this movie, we have to being as it’s a limited engagement…


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