Published April 3, 2012 by Sara

I finally applied and am now recognized by the state of Wisconsin as a Sole Proprietor as a business entity! 

I should have done this ions ago, being as this will help me with ordering wholesale. Which really got me going for this, is I recently applied with this one wholesaler, which in the past I always used my SSN. Well this one, wanted me to fax over my EIN# or send it as a pdf. Well, I am not doing that with my SSN. I really shouldn’t be using it period, but I thought I’d save myself some time.

Well, I now have one. And since I did it online, it took less than a minute to get approved. Which this will REALLY come in handy for when I pay Gwen and whomever else that helps me. But who knows if I will ever really actually use this for employees. Basically, I just wanted to be granted wholesale availability. 

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