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Spring Concert

Published April 28, 2012 by Sara

Now I see why this school is rated in the Top 100 High Schools in the USA to attend. (#2 in Wisconsin, tied with Veritas. #1 being Rufus King.)

Emily and I went to Ronald Reagan’s Spring Concert and we were literally blown away by the talent. I could not believe this was high school kids, they were all so professional.

It was also bittersweet, being as all the seniors were wearing carnations to let the audience know that this is their last performance.

At the end, the principal thanked all of the seniors, being as they were the trailblazers that broke the barriers and made the department what it is today.

I could not be anymore proud of my daughter Gwen. Watching her onstage with her fellow class mates and knowing this is the last ever concert I will see, kinda made me misty eyed.

Emily’s shining moment will be May 2nd when she performs in the Bicentinnal Music Festival at US Cellular Arena, only 1,000 kids in Milwaukee are bestowed this honor. Gwen was asked to participate in this as well when she was Emily’s age. 

And at Gwen’s performance, Emily won the raffle they were having. LOL 4 certificates to Topper’s Pizza. Which she didn’t even want to enter, goofball. We tried it last night and we really like it. I even got 50% off a pizza with a check in to Foursquare, bonus! The certificates were for bread sticks, wings, quesadilla and a sandwich. I thought it was going to be for pizza, but it still worked out. 



Published April 28, 2012 by Sara

I was just cruising around on Facebook, when a profile picture just froze time, my heart stopped and just could not believe I was seeing a photo of Davy, one from when he was a little kid with his sister Ann. 

I went to her page and she has been adding photos of him and a rush of memories came back to me that I had long forgotten about.

He truly felt like to me he was my little brother. I grew up with Ann and we were inseparable back then. I remember play fighting with Davy when I would sleep over at her house.

I remember going swimming at Pulaski Pool with Ann, Davy and their Mom. Davy begged and begged to borrow my googles. Which I finally conceeded to and that little squirt was only using them to check out the ladies under water…lmao.

I remember babysitting for him and with the money I earned, I bought myself a curling iron from Walgreens. We would ride our bikes all over town. Heck one time we even rode our bikes all the way to the lake front. Which to think about that now is crazy, you would not see my old ass get on a bike and ride that far. Heck, I wouldn’t even let my kids ride their bikes to the lake front….lol

I miss the goofy little run he had. It’s rather hard to explain, but he was all arms and legs when he would run. I gave him a lot of crap the way he would run.

I really miss Davy. I really do.

Davy was murdered 9/3/1996. A day that I will NEVER forget.

I missed seeing him graduate from high school, I missed seeing the father he would be, I missed seeing him falling in love for the first time, I missed seeing the man he would become. 

It’s just so devasting to think about what we missed and that he was taken so young. This was the first death that rattled me to my core. The first time I couldn’t understand why the world could continue and everyone could be happy, did they not know too that Davy was murdered? It just feels so surreal that one day can literally turn your world upside down and everyone can continue their life as if nothing happened, you feel that everyone should have known him, everyone should be affected. I wanted to grab people that were blissfully unaware of my world shattering and scream at them, “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you not know, someone was murdered? Someone that should be alive? Someone that was too young to go?”

I just didn’t want to believe it, not Davy, not this little kid that I knew since he was  5 years old. Not someone so young. But the minute I saw Dee and Jim’s face, my heart sank. I knew it was real. I still didn’t want it to be, but then I knew I had to face it. 

And now with seeing pictures, just makes me realize even after all this time, I still miss him just as much as it were yesterday he was taken from us.

I am still angry that the people that shot him, walked away, simply because they claimed self defense. As much as you want the justice system to work in your favor, they tend to look the other way when it’s gang related. Maybe I am being naive, but that is exactly how I see it. I feel someone should pay for taking Davy’s life.

It wasn’t fair and it still isn’t.


Published April 25, 2012 by Sara

The more I think about it, I may just open my stores for a week, then go on vacation per se for a week. And just keep alternating. This way, I can still keep floating some money in, while getting some things around the house done. 

Just an idea that I had been thinking about today, being as the last time I was on vacation, it ended up going over a month than what I had originally planned and we expended all our funds, mainly due to the transmission in my van. 

It seems planning this way will keep some funds coming in. And I can get some things done around the house as well. Being as the list I currently have feels like it’s going to take me a lifetime to accomplish….lol

So Excited

Published April 24, 2012 by Sara

I ordered a tablet mount over the weekend that was incredibly cheap! And it will arrive today. I can not wait! This will be so helpful when having my tablet in the kitchen. Mainly this will be used for recipes.

I originally saw this at Target for $45 but I could not justify spending that much. I found it on Amazon for $30. And just recently I found it for $20 with shipping included! The reviews seem really good. I basically need something to keep my tablet off the counter, away from liquids or anything I am making. I love that this is not permanent and I can move it anywhere if needed.

Now the only thing that is left is to find a speaker that I can use with my tablet.

I just love finding items cheaper than normal price.

I really need to thank my husband’s Mother for instilling this in me. She gave me the inspiration to keep an eye out for a better deal. But I will never accomplish the deals she would find being as she would be all over the state stopping at stores. But I always loved seeing and listening to her regale her thrifty shopping tales.

She was an amazing woman. She did the best she could with raising 9 kids. My husband and I would always constantly try to help her out. One Christmas we bought her a winter coat. And even we took her to Burlington Coat Factory to get her a jacket, she worried about the price and we told her, don’t worry about it and pick something YOU will wear and something that will keep you warm. She always was thinking of everyone else and we just wanted her to feel taken care of for a change.

I know some women don’t get along with their Mother in laws. But I knew her for many years before her son and I started dating. But when that happened, things changed and we butted heads a lot. My husband brothers had girlfriends that came and went, and she realized I wasn’t THAT bad….LOL and that I wasnt going anywhere either. LOL. Which dome people would be slightly insulted, but I took it as a compliment.

I know Moms have a hard time accepting their sons girlfriends. I knew she would treat any other girl the same way. Moms will always have a bar set on the expectations of who their son should be with.

The huge turning point was when Art was sick. She knew how much I was taking care of him and that for a month, I was barely getting any sleep being as I was taking care of him. I had inventory at work and fell asleep on her couch. art called that morning, and she told him that I was sleeping and that he should let me sleep being as I had been through a lot too. I was so glad I was awake for that moment, being as that made me feel so happy that what I was doing for him was not going unnoticed. In that moment, I felt like she was my Mom. And that will be something I will remember for the rest of my life.

But I got up shortly after that being as I couldn’t go back to sleep being as I was feeling like I was letting Art down.

Even now thinking about it, brings tears to my eyes. I really miss her.


Published April 24, 2012 by Sara

I believe this is the first vacation I am taking that feels like vacation. But time for me to stop slacking and get some serious stuff done. I started this last year, but a lot of things went unfinished because my husband’s brother would show up unannounced. Seemed no matter how much I would ask for him do call first or just find out which day is good to stop by, it would skip right back to showing up unannounced. Our lives don’t work like that. We do makes plans and sometimes it’s where we just can’t have company over.

Anyway, I got my can cleaned out, started doing some yard work. This time I am doing laundry, being as I am washing everything in our house and getting this house UNDER control. And since I don’t park in garage at the moment, whatever we are getting rid of or selling in the neighborhood rummage can be stores in there.

And as much as I was thinking building a room in the basement, it won’t be ready till fall anyway. So much for planning to be down there this summer.

So I have been shopping for what I need for my studio’s current location. Mainly a new desk, one with a glass too. Then I can spill whatever on it and know it will clean up in a snap. Also going to move the futon up there as well, this way we have a place to sit and the kids will have something to sleep on when they have sleep overs up there. And either fix the Papasan chair I have or find a used one super cheap. Last on my list is to get an led TV. Just would be nice to have and most likely will get a used or remanufactured one.

I just have a lot to get done, but can’t have my stores on vacation forever.


Published April 18, 2012 by Sara

My stores are officially on vacation! I filed for an extension for my taxes since now I am behind. I ended up with a stomach bug on Monday and I was MIA. But now I am back to getting orders caught up and out, so I can get crack-a-lacking on my taxes. LOL I just wish I didn’t feel crappy still, but at least enough to get started. I emailed all my buyers to inform them of the delay. Thankfully everyone has been understanding. *whew* 

It will be nice and a huge relief to have my taxes done. And as soon as they are filed. I plan to start getting ready for next years. Which I think basically will be just getting my receipts together for expenses. 

I also think I am going to try and make a commitment to myself to plan out one day each month when I sit down and figure out my expenses and tally them for the month. I know I was originally told to do this every 3 months, but that seems to be far fetched and I don’t remember that. Doing a month at a time, seems more feasible and easier to remember. 😉

I really need to make this process easier for me. But I think too, what makes it so much easier to slack on them, is I know I will get them back in 7 days.