Packer Tailgate Tour

Published March 30, 2012 by Sara

I received my vendor form today and have been doing some research with the possibilities of having some newer merchandise to offer.

I’m just racking my head on just how much I should make, being as I don’t want to make to little but then I don’t want to make too much either. BUT the upside is, if I make too much, I know come football season, it will sell or at least have a greater chance of selling.

I can’t find my notebook, so I snatched up a coloring sheet Julia printed and have been using the back for notes. Mainly little tid bits about the team and some ideas to start cracking on. 

I hope to get this all in check over the weekend, being as I need to turn in my vendor form and tell them what I plan to be selling. I should ask Jill if that even matters if it changes from now till then. I won’t change what I have listed, basically will be adding more so I have a bit of variety.

Actually, I’d rather have more of a variety then with just massive quanities of some items.

I also need to check to see if it needs to be strictly only Packer related items. 

So exciting, but so stressful at the same time.


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