Anna Brown

Published March 29, 2012 by Sara

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and I am just appalled at how medical staff refused to treat her properly because they “felt” she was a drug seeker. And come to find out, she had blood clots in her legs and by failing to take proper measures. She died. 

BUT only after the staff called the police and they DRAGGED her out of the hospital to take her to jail. She died only 30 minutes AFTER the took her to her jail cell and left her on the floor writhing in pain.

This truly saddens me and I think medical staff nowadays are so quick to slap a quick fix and not truly treat you. I went to the ER for an allergic reaction, to what, is anyone’s guess. We think it may be a new shampoo I was using, but I NEVER used it again for fear my reaction would be much worse. (And talking to my primary doctor I have now, says that was a smart move.)

Literally, I had been to my primary doctor at the time, twice. And my reaction was only progressively getting worse. My face and hands had completely swelled and I could not stand for more than 2 minutes, being as I felt like I was going to pass out. Called my doctor and he told me to get my butt to the nearest hospital. Instant panic set in. When a doctor tells you that, it made me realize that this was much more serious than either of us had thought.

Got to the ER and I couldn’t even tolerate sitting. I just wanted to lay down being as I just felt like I was going to pass out. I stop a nurse and ask if I can get a bed or if there is something I can lay down on while I wait. She says, wait just one second. And not even a minute later, they rush me into a room, bypassing the 7 other people that were waiting before me.

They give me fluids and a shot of Benadryl, which couldn’t come at a better time, being as I was just going into anaphalaytic shock. (At the time, all I knew was my throat closed as the shot was administered. The nurse could not explain why that happened, but again, talking to my primary doc I have now, explained that is what happened.) 

I was at the ER for 2 hours and when they told me I was ok to go, I explained to them my hives had moved to my feet and was uncomfortable to walk on. Basically they told me they did all they could do and my swelling went down in my hands and face. It took about a week for all of this to finally clear up, but it would move from my feet, to my back and it would flip flop. 

Maybe I am being dramatic about this, but truly, I felt let down when they sent me on my way when apparently my original symptoms improved, BUT moved to a different body part. And while they did treat me, it just scares me that I am putting my health in someone else’s hands. And granted, nothing more came from this, but I just felt let down to be sent home with symptoms still.

Now back to Anna Brown. I am just shocked they didn’t do more for her. They say they felt she was only there for a drug fix. But did they use a doppler to check her pulses in her feet? Why didn’t they do an MRI, which would have clearly shown the blood clots she was suffering from? 

My husband suffers from blood clots due to a blood clotting disorder called Factor 5 Leiden. He even had a leg amputated due to this disorder. We have two doctors that argue back and forth. One says he should have stayed on blood thinners, another says he shouldn’t be. And it just angers me he was even taken off of it in the first place, this could have been prevented or possibly, the outcome wouldn’t have been having his leg amputated. He has so many other factors that contribute to this, but that being one of them.

But watching the video of her writhing in pain, literally makes me cry. I’ve seen how much pain this puts my husband through. And each time, I got him a wheelchair since it hurt him way too much to walk. Each time they used a doppler to check his pulses, which is useful, but sometimes not always the greatest at determining exactly what is going on. And they always end up doing an MRI just to see where these are at. 

And what is also crazier, they can toss ALL sorts of pain meds at my husband and it will have zero effect on him. The last time he was in the hospital, they kept upping his Morphine and then had moved onto other pain killers. All the while I am telling them, give him some Ativan. That is used to treat anxiety, but also enhances the dose of Morphine. It amplifies it’s effect. Kinda like putting a magnifier on it. 

I only learned that from when he first suffered from blood clots and when he was in ICU, he was writhing in pain. They had done a fasicotomy on his right leg. (The slice open the calf on each side, cut past the sheathing around the muscle to allow it to expand and then pack the incision. This allows the swollen muscle to expand and allow blood flow to return.) I can not tell you how many pain meds the nurse went through and she was out of options, when it was suggested to give him Ativan, that stuck with me and it’s a good thing too.

BUT I hate mentioning it, being as the staff looks at us like we are drug users.  And at one point I was asking my husband’s Physical Therapist about this and she said that the cocktail that works for my husband, is in some cases what works for people who are heavy drug users, BUT also sometimes people just don’t get the effect from Morphine like they should, my husband being one of them. But as soon as she said that, would explain that pausing look I would get from staff. And quite possibly why after mentioning it to 4 different nurses/interns and even the stinkin’ pharmacist. When my husband’s vascular doctor finally came into the ICU unit and I told him what I have been suggesting, he didn’t miss a beat and said that is a good suggestion, afterall, he is my husband’s doctor and I am sure he knows his body just has a high tolerance to pain killers. Goodness, my husband barely takes Ibuprofen.

BUT with all that being said. It just saddens me, what if what happened to Anna happened to my husband? For one, it shouldn’t happen to anyone, plain and simple. I am just glad I am there, being as what would happen if he was single or went in alone?  

I can’t hold the officers to blame, being as they were only doing their job and she WAS just at the hospital and they trust that the medical staff are doing their job. But I truly wonder how all these people who neglected to treat her properly feel now? People really need to stop and quite treating people like they are drug addicts. 

I truly think, just for arguments sake. Maybe implement a test they can do for patients to check for drug abuse. But then also, regardless if the person has a drug habit, should not impede their care, period. 


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