Holy Heat

Published March 22, 2012 by Sara

Man I am loving the nice weather, but not loving that it been so muggy in our house. Ugh. I tried working upstairs today and my hands were sweating like crazy. Not good when trying to work with polymer clay. Even more so when there are pieces I need to make and wear gloves. Plus these insane temps are not good for my stored clay either.

I started thinking about this a few months back and this was the original plan last year, was to move my work area studio to the basement. Which I truly think will be best. Considering it is always cool down there. Seriously will need to insulate the hell out of it. This way it will maintain warmth when I want it to stay warm. I have a good friend who used to do basement remodeling he ran as his personal business, but the economy took a dive and so did his sales, so now he is in college. Going to need to check with him and find out what are some good tips for sealants and what to do to keep moisture out. Being as I will have electronic equipment as well that I don’t want damaged.

If funds permit, I will even check to see about insulating the ceiling. So I don’t have to listen to craziness coming from upstairs. Plus going this route seems cost effective electric wise. Since we already run heat on our level, I will branch a vent off from an existing duct in the basement to my studio. Instead of running my own heat bill seperately. Which was pretty modest in the first place, but seems a waste if I could use the existing heat that is already running.

Emily doesn’t want me to move my work area, but I have too. Being as in the summer I can use the basements coolness versus running A/C. But I think she also likes me having the upstairs, being as there is a bathroom close by. Which I know I would definitely consider building a bathroom in the basement. I might check into this one company that can install bathrooms basically anywhere you need one, without having to be right next to the pipeline. And who knows, maybe my friend Patrick may have some tips on that as well. 

So now we come to the cross road to double check with Gwen to see if she truly wants me to save the upper for her otherwise we can rent it out to my friend’s Mom, which I think would be nice to have someone around I grew up with calling Mom…lol And would be nice to have a tenant again, with that extra money coming in I can relax and not work so hard to maintain my income.

It just feels weird to say I could be renting to someone I considered a Mom when I was growing up. It seems like it should be the other way around.

But I know if my friend’s Mom moves in, this would be a permanent thing. But then I also don’t like the idea of her having so many stairs to walk up and down. And I like the idea of having Gwen close, if my friend’s Mom moves in, that eliminates any chance of Gwen living up there. Well, can’t say never. I could always ask her to move, but I don’t like putting people in unpredictable situations. Maybe I could offer to rent to her for a year, this way get Gwen situated and I think that would give Gwen time to establish herself with a job and maintain an income. 

Why can’t decisions be easy? LOL


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