Published March 21, 2012 by Sara

Made homemade Cheesesteaks for dinner tonight and they were a win! I was worried since I would be using new veggies we have not tried before. Yellow pepper and Poblano Pepper. When we have had these, it’s always with green peppers. The recipe said to use Monterey Cheese, but next time I’ll just use Provolone. I wasn’t over the top with the Monterey.

I also went through the cook book again and have found some more recipes I would like to try on the family. Since every recipe I have tried has been a win, I figured see what else I think my family would enjoy.

I had really hoped to make this Berry Tart with Cookie Crust, but I did not have enough time to make that as well. Since I got started on dinner rather late. I really should have started that first, then when I was cooking the actual meal. The cookie crust could cool. And that recipe alone is what made me plunk down the money for this book. I normally pick up a version of this at Sendik’s. But at $3 for a single tart, is expensive when you times that by 5. So I had been on the search for a recipe close to it, but healthier. And looking at the cover, it says “Our Best Diabetic Recipes” Which uh, hello, would explain why every recipe has been a hit so far. I can not tell you how many books I have or found a recipe online or magazine and they rarely turn out good.

I know Emily is tired of having chicken a lot, but I am learning as we go along and I am sure one this learning experience is done, we can plan our meals out with a bit of variety. But it doesn’t help I have a lot of chicken recipes. I am hoping to try some fish recipes in the family, but will only be from this cookbook.

We really need to add some variety. I do have a few pork recipes I’d like to try. My husband hates pork, but this time it will be with a tenderloin, which may change his mind. I have a recipe for Sweet And Sour pork, which I made A LOT when Gwen was younger, but that was breaded. This new recipe is not, but think it would be great if this makes it into meal rotation again. And if for some crazy reason, it tastes not so good or pork doesn’t go over well, then I can always do the fall back, chicken…lmao.

This journey has certainly been fun and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon!


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