Published March 14, 2012 by Sara

This is just absolutely adorable!


So as you all well know, my two little siblings are just as obsessed with Once Upon A Time as i am. My little sister draws pictures of herself with the cast. We all sit down together and watch together every sunday. And sometimes monday. Seriously i think we actually watched an episode every day one week.

Anyway, my 8 year old sister Cynthia is somewhat of an evil regal. She gets upset when the evil queen does something bad to another character on the show, but then i explain to her “The queen isnt evil she is just sad”, and then Cynthia goes back to liking Regina again.  

Well, i learned tonight that my little 5 year old brother Liam is not an evil regal. He randomly decided to confess to me his love for Snow White. Despite my best efforts, the kid wants to marry Snow White/Ginnifer Goodwin.

At one point in the video i whisper “I love you” and he says “I love Snow White”.

Thanks brother, love you too. Even though you love a fictional character more than me. Wait that sounds familiar…heh heh heh

There are cuts in the video because he would randomly start talking about batman.  This was not scripted, i did not tell him to do this. One minute we were talking about batman, and the next he was all “HEY KAYLEE I LOVE SNOW WHITE!!”

One Evil Regal sibling, one Snow White sibling (i dont know what they call her fans). This is interesting. 

But everybody LOL at how cute my little brother is. 🙂


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