Once Upon A Time

Published March 14, 2012 by Sara

Julia and I watched this today and we both agree the “Red Riding Hood” episode is the BEST! The episodes just keep getting better and better! 

I think my all time favorite will be “Dreamy”, which was last weeks episode. 

Julia brought home some books she thought I’d like to read, which was graphic novels of Rumplestilskin and Snow White. At the moment I thought she was talking about the Grimm versions and I explained to her I have read them already and she said back to me, “Nooo Mom, these have a twist and they are graphic novels too.”

Well, I sat down tonight and read them. I am not too sure if I like these twists these books presented. But I love seeing/reading twists on old stories and Once Upon a Time really has caught it with the right twists. But it’s always a hard act to follow, being as you have to be better then the original. 

We are stoked about going to see “Mirror Mirror” which to me sounds like it will be very funny and will have a twist on the tale as well. Also, Julia Roberts is the EVil Queen, I just love that woman. She is awesome!

I know the other is called “Snow White and The Huntsman” with Kristen Stewart, but to me the previews look bland. Not too sure if we will see that one, but we shall see. 🙂


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