Greek Feta Burger and Greek Garden Pasta

Published March 14, 2012 by Sara

This recipe was in a Diabetic Cookbook I had picked up in Dec for my husband. They had some really interesting recipes in there worth trying.

Well today we tried the Greek Feta Burger and I made 8 burgers, all but one are gone. But my husband is happy since he has something for lunch tomorrow. I also made a cucumber sauce that I was worried would not turn out since I didn’t have any sour cream, but substituted Plain Yogurt instead. I made enough for me and my husband, or so I thought and the sauce was pure awesomeness! It actually went really well with the burger. I also was missing mint leaves. And I’ll be damned that there was a mint plant at PNS, but I didn’t get it, but grabbed the Cilantro plant, which I wished I would have seen this when I originally picked up LOOSE cut Cilantro. I’d rather have a plant, being as all this Cilantro I have, I will not be able to use and it will go bad before we do use all of it.

The plant is an AWESOME alternative and the upside? It’s organic. No chemicals, no pesticides, 100% all natural! I am kicking myself for missing the lettuce you could grow on your own and just grab leafs when you needed it. 

Maybe with summer coming, they will have it again.

Also, we had tried last week or so. Garlic Chicken and Potato’s. It could use some fine tuning, so I added more minced garlic and some parsley, which I have learned to NOT use dried. It gave it a rather weird after taste. Could be old parsley, but we are really preferring to have fresh herbs if possible. But besides that, it was very yummy and everyone ate it all, which that is a good sign.

OH and we tried the pasta, eh. I actually like it better when it was freshly made versus when it settled into the noodles. Maybe I should add a little more yogurt to it and see if maybe that livens it up again to where I liked it. 

And that was what I was REALLY looking forward to, since that took the most work! 

Tomorrow we are grilling again, but this time we are stepping back into our old habit for some fun and having brats and dogs. Plus everyone has been a trooper, but I have been fortunate, every recipe has not been a let down. Maybe room for improvement, but not let down at all.

But at least having a break from the cooking frenzy, will give me some time to recharge my batteries and look up some newer recipes.

I REALLY need to get a mount for my tablet. This way I can have recipes right there with me while I am cooking. 🙂 


I tried the pasta the next day and it was amazing!! I can not stop eating it! Sooo, next time I make it. I’ll make it the night before so it’s ready for dinner the next day. Not sure if I will be able to get my kids to try it again, but we shall see. 


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