New Ways

Published March 9, 2012 by Sara

I have been trying new recipes. We have made all these small changes with opting for Skim Milk, wheat bread, wheat hot dog and hamburger buns. Removing some foods that contain Fructose corn syrup, ketchup being one of them.

Well, I had picked up some cookbooks a few months back and one book I had tried new recipes out of, but I have slacked on changing our meals. I am using all this free time to learn new recipes and ones that are quick too, being as when I start to get slammed again. I want to have healthy foods to offer my family instead of caving to the quick and easy fast food, be it restuarant or home. We also are being more conscience of NOT getting our meals out of a box, which we didn’t do on a regular basis anyway.

And what really got me going with this, is my kids actually asked for me to make this one dish, Sauteed Chicken with Carmelized Onions, which is delicious! But as soon as they made a point to ask, is what inspired me to start trying out different healthier recipes. I forget the name of this one dish, but I marinated the chicken in Italian Seasoning, the baked it with red, russet and sweet potatoes. The recipe orinally suggested russet, I added the others for variety. Funny, Art and I didn’t like the sweet potatoes at first, but then the second taste, we couldn’t get enough. My kids on the other hand weren’t too crazy about it, but give them time and they may learn to appreciate it. They love sweet potatoes, just this was new for them. I even made homemade Chicken Teriyaki, which tasted just like what we get from the mall. I do plan to tweak the recipe a bit, being as it was a little too strong. But it didn’t stop anyone and what’s even crazier, I used low sodium soy sauce and it still was a little too strong on the salt. Tonight I made Turkey Wraps and everyone is in love with it. I am just a little dissapointed I wasn’t able to make the Greek pasta I wanted to go with it, but this may work out, since I plan to make a Greek Burgers and we can have that with the burgers.

I am just on a roll with all these new recipes and I am thinking I may make a binder or something to keep track of these and to widen our variety of foods that we eat. 🙂


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